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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Abandoned Sector at a planet-side battery beacon

    Allied Planet-Side Battery.

Upon arrival, you are immediately surrounded by chaos: a planet's Anti-Ship Battery is firing on a number of Lanius ships; one of the combat ships mistakenly believes your ship has arrived to assist the planetary defenses. Combat positions!

  • Fight a Lanius ship (default rewards), with a planet-side battery on your side.
    • You finish off your assailant with the help of the Anti-Ship Battery but the fight rages on in the distance. You'd best leave before you get dragged into it again.
    • After your skirmish the fighting dies down and you're contacted by the planetary defense team. "Sorry you got caught up in that fight, stranger. No matter how many of these monsters we blow out of the sky they just keep coming. We can patch up your ship for you.
      • Receive a medium amount of repairs.