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This is a Random Event. Occurs when you are out of Fuel with your distress beacon ON.

A small ship arrives with a message, "This automated ship will provide refueling services once a monetary exchange is complete. Complimentary amounts of fuel are available in emergencies only.""

  1. Request emergency fuel reserves.
    • "This ship has registered that your one-time complimentary emergency fuel allowance has been consumed."
      • You receive a low amount of fuel.
  2. Buy 5 fuel for 20 scrap.
    • "Automated refueling complete."
  3. Buy 2 fuel for 8 scrap.
    • "Automated refueling complete."
  4. Attack the automated ship.
    • Fight an Auto-ship.
      • (When the ship wants to escape) It is apparent that the ship was not intended for combat. It seems to be trying to jump away.
      • (After the ship successfully escaped) The ship jumps away without a word. You hope they didn't leave to get reinforcements.
        • Nothing happens.
      • (After destroying enemy ship) As the ship breaks apart, you frantically try to salvage the remaining fuel from its cargo.


This event is called "FUEL_SELLER_DISTRESS" in the datafiles.

The "one-time complimentary emergency fuel allowance" is mere flavor text and the first option will always be available each time the event is encountered.