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BackupBatteryCircle.png The Backup Battery is a Sub-System that can be activated to increase the power of your reactor for 30 seconds by 2 power bars. 2 more bars can be gained by upgrading the system. With Advanced Edition content enabled, it can be bought from stores like most other systems.

Battery power has no relation to your ship's reactor and can even bring energy above the maximum power level when active (normally 25 power bars).

After use the backup battery takes 20 seconds to cooldown before it can be used again, or 10 seconds if you are using the Battery Charger augmentation. No reactor energy is required to recharge the battery.

Power invested from the Battery is represented differently than normal power bars, with a thick red border around it. Battery power is removed first and allocated last, after normal reactor power is depleted.

Hacking a Backup Battery will cause it to shut down and drain two bars of reactor energy.

Only one ship comes with the backup battery installed, the Zoltan cruiser layout C (Cerenkov).

System Level Cost Power Given
- 35 2
2 50 4


  • The power boost will otherwise act as a normal power bar and when it runs out, it will be as if you removed power from a system. This can cause activated systems (such as Cloaking or Mind Control) to deactivate and begin cooldown prematurely, for good or ill.
  • The battery is immediately reset and recharged by an FTL jump.
  • The Battery will work in conjunction with Zoltan crew members.
  • It can also be used to complete the Zoltan Cruiser achievement "Givin' her all she's got, Captain!"
  • Reactor energy is normally locked into a system while it is on cool down. Battery energy circumvents this limitation; the system restores normally even after battery power ends. This makes the Backup Battery a great option for powering temporary systems such as cloaking and Mind Control.
  • Bringing a backup battery when a nebula ion storm hits is ideal since the ion storm only halves your reactor energy, not the backup batteries energy.
  • If you are not in danger, Backup Battery can be used infinitely without having a cooldown similar to Cloaking. This can be used to power Medbay or Clonebay (if needed) and Upgraded Life Support after a fight, though, you can just depower other unneeded systems to power them.