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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Civilian Sector
  2. Uncharted Nebula
  3. Slug Controlled Nebula
  4. Slug Home Nebula
    in a Nebula. Can also occur as a nebula filler event in any sector.

A black market weapons trader spins you a tale of the dangers of the nebula before pushing his wares.

  1. Ignore the ship.
    • Nothing happens.
  2. Attack the ship.
  3. Purchase an unknown weapon.
    • You transfer the scrap and receive a weapon in return. Lets hope it was worth it.
    • You transfer over the scrap, but he reneges on the agreement. "I told you this was a dangerous place!"
  4. (Mind Control) Convince him to make it a better deal.
    • Once "convinced" to help he lowers the price and describes the weapon. However, he eventually comes to his senses and confusedly takes back his discount. He is clearly unsure why he offered it in the first place.
      1. Buy the weapon. (What the weapon IS is now confirmed)
        • You purchase the weapon and thank him for his help.
          • Lose 45 scrap and receive a random weapon.
      2. Decline.
        • You thank him for his offer and prepare to move on.
          • Nothing happens.
    • Once "convinced" to help, he casually states that his offer was actually a lie and that they planned to attack your ship. By the time he returns to his senses you've already prepared your ship to fight.


This event is called "NEBULA_WEAPONS_TRADER" in the datafiles.

You will not get the 45 scrap back if he cheated you and you then fought and won the battle against him.