• Thesomeone

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  • TeamEXAngus

    FTL Playthrough

    June 6, 2018 by TeamEXAngus

    Hey guys, check out my FTL playththrough at

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  • Loudboom46

    FTL Ideas

    March 11, 2018 by Loudboom46



    Mutants come in 3 different forms, which all have their own advantages


    Sludge is a 6.5 to 7 foot slimy lifeform that takes the shape of a hulking man. It is extremely fast and comes in the colours of green and grey. Sludge cannot be killed by close combat and only be killed by indirect combat*, fire and suffocation. It also cannot man systems, and when it attacks an enemy it deals a fixed amount of 5 damage and does 10 damage to itself*. Due to sludge being extremely high, it takes up two crew slots. When a Sludge dies, it comes back within 5 jumps, but does not count towards your crew limit, and therefore does not count as part of your crew(if your crew dies and there is a living Sludge that has died, you will st…

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  • Loudboom46

    Hey. Today I'm going to be writing a little guide on how to defeat the rebel flagship with Engi criser type A ON EASY MODE.

    What you will need:

    • (at least)Level 1 teleporter + Mantis/Rock/Zoltan/Human with good fighting stats.
    • Beam weapon (Halberd beam is reccomended by me) + Hull breach I to II/Burst laser II to III.
    • (at least)Level 1 Cloaking.
    • (at least)Level 5 engines.
    • A reasonable amount of crew.
    • Max blast doors, max piloting and max sensors(if not possible, aim for max piloting only).
    • 3/4 Shield power.
    • 5/6 Weapon power.
    • A Defense drone Mk. I or II
    • A lot of reactor power.

    What helps:

    • Level 2 or more oxygen systems.
    • Crew manning all rooms + extra crew that meet the requirements above.
    • 2/3 Engi crewmembers.
    • 1/2 Rock crewmembers.
    • A missile weapon.
    • An Attack…
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  • Loudboom46

    Yeah, I'm back

    Anyway today I was playing FTL: Faster Than Light this morning and I encountered the Zoltan Border Patrol, which left me with this:

    So that got me thinking: this has happened about 5 times to me, and every time it happens, the results have been pretty catastrophic.

    So I decided to make an argument.


    I mean, what is the point of them attacking me when I could just state my business and they could let me pass, and by seeing my ship, they know they can't survive.

    SO WHY??

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  • Loudboom46


    January 15, 2018 by Loudboom46

    Yeah, I was just going in for a victory on Engi criuser type A, trying to get fed cruiser, yeah....

    So i get here after figting for a very long time:

    And guess what?

    • Flagship uses laser superweapon* Oh crap my ship is on fire *1HP left* NOOOOO I LOST

    Yeah, still getting over the rage. Wish I could go back in time lol. Anyway thats all from me so byeeeee FTLers!

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  • Loudboom46

    I was just making my way through a Slug nebula, when I saw this:

    I was like "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS THING?!"

    Thank god for the nebula, so I could hide. Obviously, I chose the second option.

    I looked it up later (on FANDOM, yes) and found it was a Pirate Mantis Bomber, and I'm pretty sure most of you think it's easy to destroy it, but answer me this then:

    Since when do Sector 6 pirates have as much health and shields as the freaking Rebel Flagship ??

    I thought only Elite Fighters did that!

    And since when did Mantis have OP ships even better than the ones that they already have??

    I'm not a pro with ships (you can't see it, but I'm using Engi Cruiser Type A), so I can't make a good argument that this ship is strong or not, but please leave your opinion…

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  • Loudboom46

    My FTL Talk

    December 24, 2017 by Loudboom46


    Welcome to my FTL Talk!

    When I played the game for the first time, I immediately took notice of the music. I think it is beautiful, and I praise the creators for it. 

    I checked onto my Kestrel, still captivated by the music, and jumped right into the game.

    I started off by seeing what happened if i did this, then that, and jumped to my first beacon. I was engaged straightaway into a fight with an unforgiving, mechanical Rebel Scout. Ang guess what? I got wrecked. My ship was smashed, and the message stating "One last explosion marks your fate, as your ship is torn apart."

    I played the game more and more, until, here I am, using FANDOM along with my fellow fanatics, as I am a big fan of the game.

    I love the game, and I think it is brillian…

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  • Snowpanther


    March 3, 2017 by Snowpanther

    does anyone knows the name of the soundfont of FTL?

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  • GreenMajesty

    FTL Ideas

    January 5, 2017 by GreenMajesty



    Immune to fire. Deal double damage and move twice as fast while standing in a square that is on fire. Set entire room occupied on fire upon death. Speed and damage are halved in rooms that are not on fire.

    Scaly Plating:

    Your ship does not take system damage from fire.

    Volatile Nebula:

    Disabled sensors. Fire spreads twice as fast on both ships. *Only appears in the Underworld sector.


    Starts random fires. Fire spreads twice as fast on both ships. *Only appears in the Underworld sector.


    Hellfire: Have every room on your ship and the enemy ship on fire at the same time.

    The Mighty Dragon: Have one Salamander crew member kill 4 enemy crew on the enemy ship. (only one may be sent over)

    Expansive Lair: Jump to …

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  • Captain Lanius

    I bought this game sometime in the summer of 2015. In my first run, I got to the third stage of the flagship and unlocked two ships. By the time I had 10 hours, I had won 4 times and had 13 ships. Some of you are in my situation, and some of you are screaming at your monitors, "HOW THE SHIT DID YOU MANAGE TO WIN!" or, "ITS TOO FUCKING HARD, EASY MODE=IMPOSSIBLE MODE." For the latter, I suggest for you to keep trying, but if you want to learn more, follow this blog.

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  • DeletedContent


    Ghrulls: tough, tall and muscular beings who look like something straight out of a fantasy book, these sturdy and intimidating beings are actually quite peaceful. They are good mechanics and engineers, and preffer negotiation over violence. Their name comes from the grunting sounds they often make when alarmed. 

    these beings have an almost orc-like or demon-like appearance, with a tough, sturdy build, and brownish or grayish-green skin. they usually are seen hopping around the galaxy, purchasing, experimenting with, and selling technologies they find.


    -25% damage done in combat

    -20% movement speed

    +30 health

    +50% more damage done to enemy systems when boarding

    +20% repair speed


    Hive-minded parasitic worms, similar to the slug, thou…

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  • TenguMaster

    FTL animated series have been released in Youtube! Series are about Kestrel's journey to save federation. There are now 5 episodes and more is coming soon! First episode is not flashy, but third, fourth and fifth are the best. Animation is made by Andrew Colunga. Watch episodes here.

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  • WesselPot

    When you're screwed

    April 8, 2015 by WesselPot

    What was the last time you were screwed in the game? Please post a screenshot for the Ipad version and a printscreen for the computer version.

    Mine was when I had finally killed all the crew of the rebel flagship with the Slug Cruister type B. I thought: "Ow, I suppose I've beaten the game." Never was I so wrong. (It was the first time beating the Flagship, so I didn't know of the AI. Almost all of my crew were on that ship (lucky me had a clone bay), and my teleporter was a level 1. So slowly, all the guns started rebooting. First the laser, no problemo. But then, the rockets came back online. And that's where the real trouble started. My ship only had like 8 hull points left, so I was kinda fucked.

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  • BobTheCrystal

    Rebel Flagship

    February 20, 2015 by BobTheCrystal

    Can anyone try seeing if you suffocate all the crew of the rebel flagship if all the crew is on it when u fight it for the second and thid time. I was just wondering. please respond if you know, have tried, or will try.

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  • Zabing12

    Wkipedia FTL

    June 24, 2014 by Zabing12

    My english may be bad.     

    So, After doing this over email with my freinds, I had thought that this would be a good idea. This is moddeled after twitch tv.

    The game starts like this; I will be playing FTL, and I will ask the wiki a question a day (I live in hawaii, so I am six hours behind) like "What is the name of the ship?" or "Name a character." Everyone will post what they want, and The most votes for a name wins. When ship creation is finished, We will begin the game. then we will go through the adventure, and I will tell everyone what is going on. I will not be doing battles and such, because that takes too long. But like going into stations and buying things, or making deals with slugs.

    I hope this is an enjoyable thing, And please n…

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  • NinjaEditor

    Mantis B is so powerful... I had level 8 shields, some high level engine, etc., etc. I had a Defense Drone Mk. II and the boarding drone I started with, and two Rockmen plus my starting two Mantis for boarding. I had a wonderful Engi pilot, Slug shield-guy, and Zoltan weapons-master. I had a Stun bomb (which I never ended up using) and a Hull Laser Mk. II. I also had Zoltan Shield Bypass, Mantis Pheromones, and Scrap Recovery Arm. I was quite lucky, I have to say, but the fact that it was on a Mantis B (my first one, actually) helped a good bit. From the first beacon of sector 8 until the second stage of the Flagship, I took no damage. The second stage's drone swarm inflicted one point of hull damage. The third stage's 8-shot superweapon w…

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  • Lentobombe
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  • NinjaEditor

    I was on my Rock Cruiser C, trying to find the Ancient Device and activate it to unlock the Crystal Cruiser, but instead of finding the Rock Homeworlds I found the Mantis Homeworlds. I had had a level 2 clonebay since the third beacon in sector 1, and there was a store one jump away from the start of the Mantis Homeworlds that sold a teleporter. I was obsessing about the various ways in which I could brutally murder KazaaakplethKilik's crew when I find the first hostile encounter in the sector: Kazaaakplethkilik himself. I noticed that he had two layers of shield, and was about to power up my Swarm missiles when I remembered that I had an Ion Blast Mk. II. That was shot at the shields while my crew fended off a boarder (only one, this is s…

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  • Lord Arvid

    What information could be so important that it could save the near dead Galactic Federation? What information could be so special that it couldn't be transmitted? What information was so unique that you couldn’t switch ships? What information is so valuable that pirates would be sent after you for information they needed to steal?  What information could be so worrisome for the rebels that numerous rebel fleets were sent after you? What information would be so powerful that the Galactic Federation would send you alone against the Flagship and not a score of Galactic Federation Carriers or Cruisers?

    Being something of a tec geek, it could only be ECM, ECCM, or both. What is ECM and ECCM? Electronic countermeasures and Electronic counter-coun…

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  • Giraffasaur

    Hello all you fine folks who come here to the FTL wikia.

    We have recently become under attack by a series of spams. The latest iteration has been in the form of "free movie downloads." Please be advised to AVOID any and all links that appear. The most recent ones have been for Godzilla and The Amazing Spiderman 2.

    I assure you, these links will get you no entertainment.

    If you see suspicious activity and links popping up that link to external sources, notify an Admin. Clicking on these links could put your computer or your account in danger.

    Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions.

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  • ZeMan

    Rockmen learning FAST

    May 3, 2014 by ZeMan

    So, I was just wondering around in the galaxy minding my own business.

    When I saw my Rock crew (I was using the Rock Cruiser) gaining skills VERY fast...

    By the end of the first sector, they almost got they're system skills maxed up, so I dont know if this is just me or something else, but sure is awesome...

    So remember, Rock Cruiser is awesome (by design, crew, weaponry...)

    And Rocks are good aswell I must say

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  • ZeMan

    FTL for Android?

    May 2, 2014 by ZeMan

    ...the FTL releases for Android devices, not just for iPad and apple stuff?

    How about we dont have to pay 500$ for some iPad, since almost all of us have Androids? Im sure everyone wants FTL for the Android, am I right?

    Please Subset Games, make an Adnroid version of FTL, please? :D

    Its really useless what Im doing here, but Im sure everyone would like it

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  • ZeMan

    So I was just minding my own business with the boardes from the previous jump

    When suddenly...

    This appeared.

    Since I was playing with Fed Cruiser C, I was able to kill it of pretty easy (he lied) and loot it.

    This happened in a refugee event...

    Dont you love it? A big scary ship with only 2 shield bars and cloak.

    I suck at doing this "blog" thingies

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  • NinjaEditor

    I've been looking through Category:Candidates for deletion, and noticed many pages that are really irregular soft redirects. This really annoys me. People should know to use the proper redirect syntax, and use it: "" so I don't have redirects, soft or hard, in Category:Candidates for deletion. Because Category:Candidates for deletion is for stuff that needs to be deleted, not fixed. It doesn't take an admin to fix stuff. It only takes you. So you fix stuff instead of making it a candidate for deletion. Deletion is for pages with no use.

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  • FTLFamous


    April 22, 2014 by FTLFamous

    If you have a gander in the comment section of the random event, 'Slocknog ', you will find that there is a saying that goes : Slocknog is love, Slocknog is life.

    Now I have some ideas about what this means but I don't fully understand - anybody else have any ideas?

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  • FTLFamous

    Need stuff to do!

    April 22, 2014 by FTLFamous

    I have some spare time on my hands and I'm not sure how to spend it. If anyone needs somthing doing and they are just short of some time to do it... please contact me either here or on twitter @FasterBadger. Also I am currently learning HTML and CSS and would love to do somthing to do with that! - Olli

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  • GhostBirdofPrey

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has or knows where to find an FTL AE profile with all of the ships unlocked. I do still want to unlock all of the ships on my own time, but at the moment I am trying to cataloge all the ships in the game (notably getting system location images which requires taking some in game snapshots), but the snag is I don't have every ship to do that with.

    I got FTL from GOG if that's important (don't know if a steam profile will work but a humble store one should)

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  • FtwLasers

    For now, let's just quietly avoid talking about how we have no active admins and how nothing to correct that is being done. In the meantime, what to do about all these candidates for deletion? Because I've encountered, on several occasions, newbie contributors that will still add content to a deletion candidate. Now, usually their contributions are badly-formatted and insubstantial, so it hardly matters, but occasionally, they'll put in stuff that isn't yet on the real page, which means I have to check every time just to make sure.

    So we need a workaround way of correcting this, since we all know that no pages will be deleted anytime soon. I've noticed in the past that some editors would simply erase all content from the page and add a redire…

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    April 10, 2014 by WPX CABOOSE


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    April 10, 2014 by WPX CABOOSE
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  • FtwLasers

    As of AE, a lot of people have been contributing, which is nice, after a broad and accepting fashion. However, as important as updated information is, tidiness and readability are arguably just as important. Thus, I here compose this: A basic tutorial for the creation or editing of Event pages. To those meaning to contribute to the wikia: Use this as a reference. For other kinds of pages, other formats apply, but it is particularly necessary for Event pages to have a uniform, pre-established format since they make up the majority of pages on this wikia. Instructional comments will be notated as --comment goes here-- however they should not be used on real pages.

    This is a Random Event. Occurs in: --These 2 phrases should be manually typed o…

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  • GhostBirdofPrey

    AE Tag

    April 5, 2014 by GhostBirdofPrey

    I know someone has added a template for pages that are specific to Advanced edition and it has shown up on a couple, but there's quite a few items that aren't their own pages. Right now pretty much everyone indicates AE content a different way; I think we need to decide on a standard way of marking this. Since many of the items are equipment (drones weapons augmentations, etc.) this generally means a bullet point item due to how descriptions are formatted here, but maybe a tag that stands out might be in order to put as a bullet point?

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  • Giraffasaur

    Ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem.

    This wiki needs some severe tidying up. I have seen a duplicate page, tons and tons of needless categories, redundancies and the like. I feel like any time a piece of information is updated it needs to be fixed across multiple pages spanning multiple subjects.

    Over the next couple of days, I'll be scrubbing various pages on this wiki and see what I can do to polish things up a bit. I've placed one page up for deletion and fixed a decent amount of inconsistencies and typos, and I pledge myself to continue this clean up.

    I can't do it alone, though. We all have to be mindful and observe what goes where. If you're going to contribute to the wiki, please ensure it doesn't exist somewhere else first, even i…

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  • FtwLasers

    Grammar Nazism

    March 17, 2014 by FtwLasers

    Lately, I've been having to salvage a lot of nonsensical or otherwise badly-done edits. I find little pleasure in it, and apologize if it appears as if I am simply nitpicking. To the contrary, the public, who so value our wikias, expect a certain degree of quality, that, if absent, may turn them off to the venue. In service to the public, things should be in order, correct to the best of our knowledge, and at least spelled correctly.

    If you don't know how to format your edits correctly, google it. If you don't know how to spell something, google it. If you don't know how to convey your thoughts clearly, or otherwise are unsure of the validity of your edit in general, do all of us a favor and seriously consider not posting; put it in the com…

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  • FtwLasers

    The upcoming free update to FTL has been on my mind much of late, and the more I wonder, the more unsure I become of my initial enthusiasm about the update. Firstly, on a trivial note, the announcement used the frustrating taboo term "early" to describe the release date: Neither a date nor a month nor a season, it is a word that, in such circles, tends to mean 'any date between now and juuuuust before we get halfway through the year', and at worst, a non-committal, vague, and easily retractable way of saying 'someday'.

    Besides that, though, is the blatantly pressing matter of balance. As a disclaimer, I applaud the effort that went into balancing the game thus far; most layouts have clear advantages and disadvantages comparative to one anot…

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  • SpiketheMuffin

    My first (and only so far) win was with the Stealth Cruiser, and I contribute luck to the win. I don't think I could have won without three things, 

    1. Three Burst Laser Mark II's

    2. Stealth Weapons Augmentation and level 3 cloak

    3. Rockman and Mantis Flagship Boarding crew

    How was your luckiest run? What do you think about the "luck-based" win chance?

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  • NinjaEditor

    Not Looking Good

    October 11, 2013 by NinjaEditor

    I have reached sector 8 for the first time since re-downloading FTL. My ship is an Engi Cruiser A with level 6 shields, level 5 engines, level 1 oxygen, level 1 medbay, level 3 drones, and level 6 weapons. My drones are Anti-Ship Mark I and Anti-Personnel, and my weapons are Ion Blast Mark II and Halberd Beam. I don't have enough power to use the Ion Blast, Anti-Ship Drone, and Halberd Beam simultaneously. My next jump will bring me to the Rebel Flagship. Oh no.

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  • Mscizor

    Guess what happened to me.

    I stroll along on full hp, passed the 1st sector easily, on normal mode. Suddenly, on the 2nd sector, I encounter a mantis ship with a teleporter. Of course, I expected mantises to come, but not 5 @$!#ING MANTISES. OH COME ON. Apparently, no one was on the ship, as no one repaired anything. I destroyed their ship, and the mantises destroyed my crew. Also, oxygen helped. Doors broken, and all open. Open to the death of my ship.

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  • NinjaEditor

    Crystal Confusion

    March 27, 2013 by NinjaEditor

    So, I got one damaged stasis pod once for 2 consecutive playthroughs. I encountered 3 Zoltan Research Facilities. If only those had happened in the same playthroughs.

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  • NinjaEditor

    Kestrel Krap

    March 25, 2013 by NinjaEditor

    I just got FTL. My first ship was "The Original", with crew members Sir Average, Norman Normal, and Lady Lacking. My ship exploded in the first or second sector. Then, I played with "The Failure", another Kestrel, with the Failure family. I got an Engi from a slaver, another engi from a random event, then everybody died. My third and current ship, "FSS Dead", with Corpse, Body, and Stiff, got a Zoltan, then due to some hull breaches (one of which is still there and isolated) and some annoying boarders, the three humans lived up to their names and died. I've managed to get through with Long-Ranged Sensors that I got from somewhere, but I have been forced into battles occasionally. This third Kestrel may live now, but I tell you, it's doomed…

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) is the world’s largest and longest-running gaming professionals industry event. The conference contains 400 lectures, panels, tutorials and round-table discussions on a comprehensive selection of game development topics taught by leading industry experts. GDC 2013 begins March 25th and lasts March 29th.

    This year, FTL: Faster Than Light will have a postmortem, focusing on the development, release, and post-release of the game. The summary can be found below. We would like to ask, is there any elements or details of this session that you would be interested in getting more information about? How about any questions that you would like answered? Let us know in the comments: we will be attending this session, a…

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  • BunnyNinja

    I'm out of fuel!

    January 19, 2013 by BunnyNinja

    I'm out of fuel, so I kept waiting and waiting until the rebel fleet caught up to me.  I didn't have enough missiles to take down an Elite Fighter, so I just deployed my Defense Drone and kept waiting.  LOL.  On the bottom image you can see my ship, the rebels have taken over the whole sector!

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  • Neowitch

    2 Hours, 2 Ships, 6 Sectors

    December 30, 2012 by Neowitch

    Got the game today and played two runs for about 2 hous. Unlocked 2 new ship models and got to sector 6.

    For some reason my demise always came at a point when I actually thought that I wasn't doing so bad. In fact, both times things couldn't run smoother but then some overpowered bully appeared and pwned me into oblivion.

    That doesn't bother me all that much, though. The really annoying thing about this game is that you can't tell if a choice will cause you incredible damage. Like, engaging giant alien spiders and losing a crew member in the process. :/ That one really sucks.

    There is a great potential for frustration in this game and it's a bit of a learning-by-dying experience but it's okay, I guess. I dig why things are done the way they a…

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  • JAlbor

    2012 Community Choice Awards

    December 21, 2012 by JAlbor

    Hello there FTL Wikians! I just wanted to let you know that today, Wikia launched its site-wide Community Choice Awards! Right now, you can vote on nineteen game-focused categories and even submit your own nominations for entries. Right now, FTL has nominations in Game of the Year , Indie Game of the Year , Biggest Surprise , and Developer of the Year .

    Of course you can vote for whatever you like. In fact, I encourage you to add your own nominations if you have a favorite not listed. Be sure to vote on all the categories by clicking RIGHT HERE or on the header above!

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  • The terraria helper2

    Ok i search this wiki from time to time and i find some shitface person deletes the homepage now if i did not give a flying f*** i would not be posting this but i just want to inform someone of authority to fix these or something.

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  • Statueofmike

    Mods News

    December 7, 2012 by Statueofmike

    I recently started to wonder about FTL mods. I wasn't able to find many, and honestly didn't try very hard either.

    Luckily the Steam news feed brought the information straight to me! PC Gamer website has an article about what look like fun re-skin mods for the Kestrel and Engi ship, with references to more mod sources at the official forums.

    I should see about getting some of this into the wiki somewhere.

    Also, FTL is 40% off right now on Steam.

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  • Statueofmike


    December 2, 2012 by Statueofmike

    Our wiki seems to be out of touch with the FTL-playing community at large. As one player, I know I am. I visited the official forums about twice. It is less excusable for the wiki to be so detached.

    We should start a section of the wiki to address more of the community around the game. For instance: what's the modding community like? After reading JAlbor's interview mention a modding community, I wanted to find out more. To my shame, one of the first Google results I found was at A completely different wiki!

    We have links to a couple unofficial IRC channels on the main page, but what about Reddit/r/ftlgame? What about the Official Forums or Twitter? What about that other wiki?

    Update: I forgot one of the biggest community issues we've already…

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  • Statueofmike


    December 2, 2012 by Statueofmike

    Whether it's something trivial like the resale price of a weapon, a more moderate spoiler like the results of a Random Event, or a more extreme spoiler like something that only happens once in a profile like ship unlocking, the vast majority of the site is a spoiler. Because of this and the general spoiler disclaimer on the main page of the wiki, I feel that spoiler tags are redundant and useless in other pages.

    They might want to be reserved for special circumstances, like the difficult events or challenges, but I'd appreciate if we could figure out a convention for this.

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  • Statueofmike


    November 19, 2012 by Statueofmike

    Hello FTL wikiers. I put in a request to become an admin of the FTL wiki. The original administrator hasn't been here since June, and we have a back-log of spam pages to get rid of and maybe some additions to the navigation menu.

    Leave a comment here so the Wikia overlords know that I'm not a crazy Rebel.

    Update: It's done. I made Muskar2 admin as well.
    --Statueofmike (talk) 23:30, December 1, 2012 (UTC)

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