• (Slug Crew) Have your Slug talk them into letting you go. (Occurs on Zoltan Security Checkpoint)
    • You give the guards permission to dock with the ship, but before they come on board your crew member slowly advances to meet them. As far as you can tell no words were exchanged, but the guards offer you some supplies and say the ship checks out. Best to not ask questions.
  • (Slug Crew) Our Slug senses someone aboard the ship. Investigate it. (Occurs on Slug transport with military escort)
    • It looks like the merchant was trying to stall you while someone teleported on board. You catch him before he could finish and he teleports away. You immediatly prepare for battle.
  • (Slug Crew) Have your crew monitor their life signatures. (Occurs on Slug Home Nebula Surrender)
    • You try to stay just far enough away that they won't detect your life signatures without actively searching for you. After a time, your Slug tells you the ship with a larger crew has jumped away. He guides the helm toward the platform...
      The only ship left near the cruiser is an interceptor. This should be easy!
  • (Slug Crew) "Sir, allow me to assess his mental state." (Occurs on Single Life Form on Moon)
    • You bring the ship closer. The Slug enters a trance-like state for 1 to 2 seconds, then quickly snaps out of it. He states, "This person is clearly unstable. It is best we leave them alone."
    • You bring the ship closer and the Slug, after a pause, says that the person is stable and with good intentions. You offer a position in your crew and it is graciously accepted.
  • (Slug Crew) Attempt to communicate telepathicly. (Occurs on Intelligent Lifeform on Planet)
    • After a moment, your crew tells you that these are simple beings, who enjoy a peaceful life. However, this isn't the first time a ship has landed here. They inform you of a nearby crash site.
      • You follow their directions and discover an ancient Engi ship. You find a deactivated Engi inside and reroute power from your shuttle to resuscitate it. After a while it reboots, rebuilds itself, and offers to join your crew.
  • (Slug Crew) Check for lifeforms and keep a lookout for ships while looting the wreck. (Occurs on Disabled Rock Transport)
    • You salvage what you can from the ship. No lifeforms or ships are detected nearby.
    • You begin the salvage operation but before long your crew warns you of an approaching ship. You hasten to leave before they get within firing range.

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