This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Abandoned Sector
    at a distress beacon.

You immediately do a short-range scan after arriving at the beacon. It appears to be coming from a small civilian vessel under fire from a Lanius ship. Not all Lanius are content with simply scavenging the wrecks of previous battles.

  1. Fight the Lanius ship.
    • You move in to intercept the ship. Detecting a greater threat, the Lanius prepare to fight.
  2. Avoid the conflict.
    • Your crew seems unhappy to leave the civilians to such a fate but you try to convince them of the greater good. You don't speak of your own misgivings, however.
      • Nothing happens.
  3. (Lanius Crew) Have your crew admonish their captain.
    • After a discussion that your translator fails to comprehend, the enemy ship powers down its weapons. You learn that your crewmember successfully reminded them of their treatise promising to leave the property of sentinent aliens alone. If this is a widespread rule of this race, there appear to be many who disagree with it. You attempt to hail the civilian ship now that it's safe.
      1. Contact the civilian ship.
    • The ship refuses all hails, even from one of its own kind. It appears to have gone completely rogue. Before you can react, it begins to target your ship. Prepare for a fight.

Fight the Lanius ship[edit | edit source]

Contact the civilian ship[edit | edit source]

  • The ship you saved was badly damaged in the battle. Most of the crew accepts your offer to be dropped off at a nearby station. One offers to join your crew.
    1. Welcome aboard!
      • The survivor gets on board the ship.
    2. Decline their request
      • Nothing happens.
  • The ship that the pirate was assaulting was a science vessel. They thank you for saving them and offer a small reward.
  • It seems the crew did not survive the assault. You take what you can from the remains of the ship.
  • They respond, "It's a good thing you came when you did; we'd be dead now otherwise. I'm a shipwright and I'd like to help you like you helped me."
    • The captain offers to install a piece of equipment on your ship.
  • "This sector has become increasingly dangerous for friends of the Federation. I think my crew can patch up some of your hull damage as thanks."
    • Your ship is repaired for 5 hull damage.
  • The civilian ship wisely made a fast retreat while you distracted the hostile ship.
    • Nothing happens.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This event is called "LANIUS_DISTRESS_FIGHT" in the datafiles.

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