Two person teleporter room

CrewTeleporterCircle The Crew Teleporter is a system that allows you to teleport your crew members to and from an enemy ship. This allows 2 or 4 (depending on the room size in the ship) crew members to be sent to damage systems and kill opposing crew members. Any crew members left on the enemy ship when it is destroyed will be lost. The Clone Bay can resurrect them, but not ones that are on an enemy ship while it jumps away.

The crew teleporter is also used in several blue options.

Advanced Edition allows you to teleport mind-controlled crew members to or from the enemy ship. Conversely, a hacked teleporter will teleport back any mind-controlled crew.

The Zoltan shield augmentation blocks teleportation, unless a ship has the Zoltan Shield Bypass augmentation.

Teleporting can be broken into two different steps, boarding and retrieving


To teleport your crew members to the enemy ship you must click on the room that you want them teleported to, using the top button on the teleporter control.

When teleporting to an enemy ship you are limited to moving between two and four crew at a same time, depending on if you have a two or four person teleporter. When teleporting more crew than a room can hold the additional crew will be placed in adjacent rooms.

For more information on using the crew teleporter for boarding see the Boarding page.


To retrieve crew from an enemy ship you must click on a room with you crew in it using the bottom button on the teleporter control.

When retrieving crew from a enemy ship you can teleport up to four at a time, even with two person teleporter, provided they are in the same room. You can teleport four people from a two person room by walking your additional crew though a room at the moment of teleportation. Retrieved crew that cannot fit in the teleporter room will be placed in adjacent rooms.

Tips and strategyEdit

The teleporter ionizes itself to produce a cooldown between uses. This cooldown takes between 20 and 10 seconds, depending on level of upgrade. When your ship is not in danger, the cooldown will be instant.

If your teleporter is damaged and all of your crew is aboard another ship, then you take a shuttle from the enemy ship to yours:

"With your teleporter damaged and no way to fix it, you take one of the enemy ship's shuttles to return to your own ship."

Automated ships may be teleported to, but the lack of oxygen kills non-Lanius crew members quickly. If you have a level 2 Teleporter you can get most races out just before death; note automated ships have 2 capacity rooms and so simultaneously teleporting over more than 2 crew will split them between rooms - this will require 2 teleport cycles to bring them back (however if there are doors then can be done in one teleport cycle by overfilling a room). Even at level 3 any 100 health crew will die of asphyxiation before you can do 2 teleport cycles.

Take care when boarding auto ships with cloak, as a cloaked ship cannot be teleported off of. 

If using the Federation Cruiser, don't forget to turn off the Artillery Beam to avoid destroying the enemy ship and killing your own crew.

In most cases, killing all the enemy crew yields better rewards than destroying the ship (by taking out its hull). An especially rewarding event to have the teleporter is the Friendly Slaver-event, which makes it possible to gain up to 2 crew members in one event.

In the Easy & Normal boss fights, a teleport powered with 2 energy is (usually) the optimum to teleport two crew to one of the gun rooms, and take out both the single enemy crew and the gun, as teleport will be recharged in time to bring them home once they take out the gun. Increasing the power to 3 energy for the return teleport means your teleport will recharge faster for the next teleport to a gun room.

A good augment to use with the crew teleporter is Reconstructive Teleport, which completely heals teleported crew.

Crew Teleporter system costs and recharge timeEdit

Rank Cost Recharge time (seconds)
1 90* Ftlgame-scrap 20
2 30 Ftlgame-scrap 15
3 60 Ftlgame-scrap 10

*Was 75 before Advanced Edition.

Basic Teleporter Edit

Opens more dialog options in following random events:

  1. Odd radar pings from a huge, orbiting asteroid here reveal a Crystalline cache of some kind
  2. You cross paths with a Mantis ship that looks to have had dozens of layers of armor-plating added over what must have been a hundred year career
  3. You arrive to find a number of ships convening around a station
  4. You follow the distress beacon to a small asteroid belt
  5. A heavily damaged Federation ship is hiding in the nebula at this beacon
  6. You come to a Zoltan trade and supply hub - everything the weary traveller needs, provided they have the right documentation

Improved Teleporter Edit

Opens more dialog options in following random events:

  1. You recognize the ship as a well known slave trader. He hails you and offers you "laborers" for cheap.

Advanced Teleporter Edit

Opens more dialog options in following random events:


  • There are only three ships with four person teleporters. Two are variations of the mantis cruiser the 'The Basilisk' (Layout B) and the The Theseus (Layout C). The Crystal cruiser  'Carnelian' (Layout B) also has one.


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