This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Hidden Crystal Worlds

You arrive near what appears to be a Crystalline research facility. A scientist quickly messages you, "Ah! You're those aliens! Please, I've heard so much about you and I'm curious about your physiology! Would you let us run a few simple tests?"

  1. Allow them to run tests on a crew member.
    • After a short time the scientist returns, "We... must regret... we have made a grave miscalculation. Your bodies are considerably more fragile than we expected and your companion is... broken. We apologize and offer a fine military-grade weapon as consolation."
      • You lose 1 random crewmember, and receive a low amount of scrap and a weapon.
        • Clone Bay: You accept their apology and decide it's better not to mention that your Clone Bay is in the process of reviving the lost crewmember.
    • Your crew member is brought on board their station and forced to undergo a few quick scans and tests. "Thank you for this opportunity! We hope to learn much from your kind." They transfer some supplies as payment.
    • The large Crystalline Beings escort your crew onto the station and gingerly help them into a scanning chamber. After a few seconds, they inform you they have mapped their entire genome and have everything they need. They give you a schematic as compensation.
  2. Refuse.
    • 2x: "I see. That is a shame. Perhaps the next aliens we meet will have some respect for the advancement of science."
      • Nothing happens.
    • "I see. That is a shame. However we must not let this opportunity pass us by. Submit and you will be treated reasonably well!" A military ship docked nearby detaches and charges you.
  3. (Rock Crew) Send your Rockman crew.
    • "Ah! My dear evolutionary cousin! This is truly wonderful! We have countless historical records of your kind but we lack information on the past few hundreds of years. We can learn so much from these scans, we must get to analysing them as soon as possible! Please, take this."
  4. (Backup DNA Bank) Send your crew's data.
    • "What is this? Full genetic and personal profiles stored digitally? I did not think this possible... This will help our research immeasurably. Please, take this in exchange for your help."


This event is called "CRYSTAL_HUMAN_TESTS" in the datafiles. Ironically, there is nothing in the code that checks if you have a human crew.

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