This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Hidden Crystal Worlds

Crystal shards fly past your ship as soon as you jump. You scan to find the assailant and discover a Crystalline ship carrying a number of humans in it's cargo bay. It must be hunting the intruding ships!

  • Fight a Crystal Ship.
    • (When the ship surrenders) The hunters message you, "We surrender. Take one of these squishy meat sacks that we've captured." He must be referring to the human captives.
      1. Accept their surrender.
        • They send one of their prisoners over to your ship. They're a bit shaken up and you suspect that they were once a rebel, but they seem to be very glad to be free.
      2. Finish them off.
        • Who knows how many humans will be saved if you kill them now.
          • The fight continues.
    • (After killing enemy crew) The crew of the enemy ship has been eliminated. You scrap what you can. Who knows how many people you've saved by stopping this ship.
    • (After destroying enemy ship) The Crystalline ship shatters and you pick what you can from the debris. Who knows how many people you've saved by stopping this ship.


This event is called "CRYSTAL_HUNTER" in the datafiles.

The surrender is lacking the usual tag to stop the fight in the datafiles, making it possible to receive a crew member along with the rewards for defeating the ship.