This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Hidden Crystal Worlds

The moment you arrive you notice a Crystalline ship in the vicinity keeping its distance. They message you, "The 'Rebels' that are trying to hunt YOU down are creating havoc everywhere they go."

  • "To minimize their impact on our people, we would like you to give them your flight path out of our sector. We would like to remain civil and are willing to pay you in 'scrap' for the increased danger it poses.
    1. Give them your flight plans.
      • It was never your intention to lead the Rebels here, and frankly you could do with the scrap. The Crystalline ship immediately jumps off to inform the Rebels, leaving you with a fleet to outrun!
    2. Accept the scrap but give them false flight plans.
      • Unable to interpret it themselves, the Crystalline Beings assume your data will mean something to the Rebels. It should see the pursuing fleet taking a leisurely cruise before they get back on track.
      • They take one look at your fake telemetry and realize what you've done. They apparently do not take being lied to well - they immediately attack
    3. (Distraction Buoy) Accept the scrap but give them falsified flight plans.
      • Your distraction buoy allows you to create a very convincing flight plan. They accept it as true and give you the scrap. The deception may not be the most honorable tactic but staying ahead of the fleet is your highest priority.
    4. Refuse.
      • You apologize for the trouble you've brought them, but explain that you have no choice. They seem to understand, and break the comm link to set about preparing defenses.
        • Nothing happens.


This event is called "CRYSTAL_REQUEST" in the datafiles.