This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Slug Controlled Nebula
  2. Slug Home Nebula
    Can also occur at an exit beacon and as a filler event in any sector.

You arrive near a damaged and dilapidated space station. It appears to be abandoned but you detect faint life signatures on board.

  1. Board the station and look for survivors.
    • All around you is the stench of death and decay. The life sign readings must have been malfunctioning because you really doubt anything could be alive in here. You quickly return to the ship.
      • You receive a low amount of scrap.
    • Human corpses are scattered across the station. You find the source of the signal, a lone survivor that locked themselves in a storage closet. You quickly retreat with them in tow back to the ship, and hope they can recover enough to be of some use.
    • All around you is the stench of death and decay. Suddenly, one of your crew bends over and starts retching violently. Some sort of disease must have wiped out this station. You pull back to the ship, but it looks like your crew member is not going to make it.
      • You receive a low amount of scrap.
        1. Continue...
          • Your crewmember insists you leave them behind, not wanting to endanger the rest of the crew. Knowing the truth of this, you hurry back to the ship.
            • You lose 1 random crew member.
              • Continue... (If you have a Clone Bay)
                • You stop your crew's clone from forming, knowing that the disease would follow into his next life.
        2. (Improved Medbay) Try to cure the disease. (Requires level 2 Medbay)
          • Your advanced medical suite is able to isolate the cause of the problem and administer an antidote. That was a close one.
            • Nothing happens.
  2. Scrap some of the debris.
    • While waiting for the FTL drive to charge, you skirt around the edge of the station and collect some scrap.
      • You receive a random amount of scrap.


  • This is a donor event.
  • This event is called DONOR_PLAGUE in the data.dat file.
  • Oddly, even Engi and Rock crewmembers can die from the plague.
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