Spoiler warning: The following contains spoilers for the game. Continue at your own risk if you do not mind ruining some fun of the game.
This is a Random Event. Occurs in:
  1. Engi Controlled Sector
  2. Engi Homeworlds
  3. Pirate Controlled Sector
  4. Rock Controlled Sector
  5. Rock Homeworlds
    at a distress beacon. The Long-Range Scanners will detect Map icon diamond yellow no ship presence.

This event is the 1st step in the process of unlocking The Crystal Cruiser (and the achievement Ancestry while using the Rock Cruiser).

A ship without life forms within a nearby dense asteroid field is giving off the distress call. Shall we investigate? It could be dangerous.

  1. Search for the ship.
    • You find what appears to be pieces of a derelict ship coated with ice or crystal. Before you have a chance to dock, a few asteroids get past your shields and partially damage your engines. You'll have to pull out!
      • Your ship takes 5 hull damage and your engines take 1 system damage.
    • You find a pirate ship, damaged and abandoned. You salvage what you can and move on.
    • Find remains of a ship.
  2. Avoid the area.
    • Discretion is the better part of valor. Better not risk it.
      • Nothing happens.
  3. [1](Rock Plating) Make a thorough search for the ship without fear of stray asteroids.

Find remains of a shipEdit

You find the decaying remains of some kind of ship coated with ice or crystal. You send some crew aboard to explore. Nearly everything is either destroyed or unidentifiable, but one of the weapons appears salvageable and there's a strange stasis pod that catches your eye.

  1. Continue...
    • It looks like a massive asteroid is in a direct collision course with the derelict ship! You have to pull your crew out but they want to grab what they can first. What do they take?
      1. Take the weapon and any spare scrap.
        • Your crew grabs what they can and returns to the ship before the asteroid hits. You take a look at what you've recovered once you move clear of the asteroid field.
      2. Grab the stasis chamber.
        • Your crew drags the pod back to your ship before the asteroid smashes into the ship, shattering through the crystal coating and destroying the ship.
          1. Continue...
            • The pod appears to be functioning but you see nothing but shards of crystal inside. Perhaps someone else will know how to open it.


This event is called "ASTEROID_DERELICT_SHIP" in the datafiles.

You can encounter this event more than once per play-through, but only once per sector.

Code TriviaEdit

This event is called ASTEROID_DERELICT_SHIP in the data.dat file. It appears in the following event lists:


Chances of occurrenceEdit

Below is the roughly calculated chance for this event to be placed in a beacon in each sector. Please note that these chances are not completely accurate. They are meant to act as a guide.

Sector Chance
Engi Controlled Sector ~60%
Engi Homeworlds ~60%
Pirate Controlled Sector ~69%
Rock Controlled Sector ~75%
Rock Homeworlds ~75%

(however, as the 2nd step cannot happen at Rock Homeworlds, and the 3rd step HAS TO take place there, and Rock Homeworlds can occur only once per game, therefore unlocking the Crystal Cruiser CANNOT be successful if started from this sector)

The above chances are calculated by taking the average number events that are placed, in the eventlist that contains this event, and dividing it by the number of events in the eventlist. Example:

This event is, among others, a part of the eventlist NEUTRAL_ROCK.

<sectorDescription name="ROCK_SECTOR" minSector="1" unique="false">
        <name>Rock Controlled Sector</name>
    <event name="NEUTRAL_ROCK" min="7" max="8"/>

The average number of events that are used from NEUTRAL_ROCK in the Rock Controlled Sector is 7.5 ((min+max)/2).

The eventlist NEUTRAL_ROCK contains 9 events:

<eventList name="NEUTRAL_ROCK">
    <event load="ROCK_MANTIS_HUNTER"/>
    <event load="ROCK_MANTIS_FREIGHTER"/>
    <event load="ROCK_ATHIEST"/>
    <event load="ROCK_LOOTING"/>
    <event load="ROCK_STARSHIP_MINE"/>
    <event load="PIRATE_CIVILIAN"/>
    <event load="MERCENARY"/>
    <event load="FRIENDLY_SLAVER"/>	
    <event load="ASTEROID_DERELICT_SHIP"/> 

This becomes 7.5/9 = 0,83333... = ~83%

However, this doesn't take account of the fact that some of these events are unique, and therefore cannot be picked twice, among other possible algorithms that the game uses to pick events.

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