This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Abandoned Sector
    at a distress beacon.

The distress signal from this system is coming from a Slug vessel under attack by the Lanius! The Slugs beg for assistance as the Lanius tear into their hull plating.

  1. Attack the Lanius ship.
    • Fight a Lanius ship.
  2. Leave the Slugs to their fate.
    • You leave the Lanius ship alone, and prepare to jump to the next beacon.
      • Nothing happens.

Contact the SlugsEdit

  • The Slugs, taking advantage of the firefight, have fled the system. So much for gratitude.
    • Nothing happens.
  • The Slugs reluctantly thank you for your help, protest they had the whole situation under control, attempt to make you pay for them helping you, and an hour later, finally relent and give you some supplies.


This event is called "LANIUS_SLUG_DISTRESS" in the datafiles.

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