This is a Random Event. Occurs when you are out of Fuel with your distress beacon ON or OFF.

Although your lack of fuel cells prevents your ship from jumping, you can still use your impulse engines. Will you spend some time exploring the nearby system?

  1. Explore the nearby area.
    • No ships respond to your hails, and you find nothing of interest.
      • Nothing happens.           
    • You find a small outpost for local travelers, but it seems few ships in this area employ FTL drives. Their stock of fuel cells is small and their price high, but beggars can't be choosers...
      1. ​Trade 20 scrap for 5 fuel.
        • You gladly make the trade.
      2. Trade 10 scrap for 2 fuel.
        • This fuel won't last long, but you gladly make the trade.
      3. Trade 5 scrap for 1 fuel.
        • This fuel won't last long, but at least you can jump to another beacon.
      4. Don't make a trade.
        • Nothing happens.
    • You happen across a small asteroid field near the beacon.
      1. Approach the asteroid field to scan it.
        • A brief exploration reveals nothing of interest.
          • Nothing happens.
        • Scans reveal a number of asteroids with useful compositions. You extract some fuel.
          • You receive a high amount of fuel.
        • You discover the remains of ship embedded into an asteroid. It still has some functional missiles.
        • You happen upon an abandoned mining site. A few mining drones were left behind and could be repurposed.
        • The asteroid field proved more dangerous than expected. Some asteroids managed to get through your ship's defenses.
          • Your ship takes 5 hull damage, 1 damage to a random system and 1 damage with a fire to another random system.
        • A pirate ship hiding behind one of larger asteroids attacks you!
      2. Avoid the risk.
        • Nothing happens.
    • You wander within scanning range of a small Rebel automated scout!
      • Fight an Auto-ship.
        • (After the ship successfully escaped) The ship jumps away without a word. You hope they didn't leave to get reinforcements.
          • Nothing happens.
        • (After destroying enemy ship) The ship explodes, leaving behind a collection of useful scrap material.
  2. Stay near the beacon.
    • Nothing happens.


This event is called "FUEL_EXPLORE" in the datafiles.

Exploration of the asteroid field can be also found without running out of fuel

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