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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Hidden Crystal Worlds

For a moment you assume it's a glitch, but no... you've found a Federation military ship! They hail you and, after some probing, reveal that they deserted the Federation fleet before stumbling into this sector while seeking refuge.

  1. Offer supplies.
    • You send over some supplies to help them on their way and in return they upload their flight plan to your computer, allowing you to map the sector! "The Federation fleet's still standing - get there while you can!"
      • You lose 1-3 Fuel and 15-25 Scrap, and your map is revealed.
  2. Attack the traitors.
    • Deserters cannot be tolerated. You open fire on the cowards - though it doesn't please you to do so. The Federation needs every soldier it can get.
  3. Leave them be.
    • You send them a friendly warning regarding the armada of Rebel ships pursuing you, and then get underway lest they catch you up.
      • Nothing happens.


This event is called "CRYSTAL_FED_DESERTER" in the datafiles.

This event is also the only one that gives you a chance to attack a Federation Ship unless pirated ones are counted.