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This is a Random Event.

Occurs in:

  1. Slug Controlled Nebula
  2. Slug Home Nebula
    Can also occur as a filler event in any sector.

You receive a hail from a station orbiting a nearby planet. "Captain, we are Federation Terraforming Team C12 and are in need of assistance. Do you have some time?"

  1. You offer your assistance.
    • "Thank you! We need to scan this planet for life before we can begin terraforming, but our sensors can't get the necessary power to scan through this atmosphere. We've got a schedule to keep, any chance you could help?"
      1. Attempt to scan the planet.
        • It seems your sensors are no more powerful than the terraformer's. You apologize and continue on your way.
          • Nothing happens.
        • You find if you modulate the feedback signal of your sensors to just the right frequency, you're able to get through the atmosphere and perform a complete scan!
      2. (Improved Sensors) Set sensors to maximum and scan. (Requires level 2 Sensors)
      3. (Zoltan Crew) Send your crewman to overcharge their systems.
  2. You do not have time.
    • "We understand. Best of luck on your mission, sir!"
      1. Prepare to jump away.
        • Nothing happens.

Successful Scan[]

  • After a complete scan of the planet, you find no life. The team is grateful and ready to get to work. The station scientists have a unique talent for life support units and offer to upgrade your oxygen system as thanks.
  • A complete scan of the planet reveals no life signs other than a single ship on the surface. The terraformers thank you for your help, and attempt to contact the ship. Just as you're about to jump away, the ship takes off and attacks, it's a pirate!
  • A complete scan of the planet reveals a simple mold as the only life present. The terraformers claim their terraforming plans are only hindered by intelligent life; they can begin their work.
    1. Tell them to stop. Any life is valuable.
      • "But our livelihood depends on this job! Who cares about some silly mold? We'll pay you to look the other way!"
        1. Accept the bribe and leave.
        2. Offer to pay them to at least delay until the mold can be studied.
          • They see reason and accept the offer. The station scientists have a unique talent for life support units and offer to upgrade your oxygen system as an apology for their behaviour.
        3. Power your weapons and demand they leave at once.
          • They shut off communications, but you can tell they have begun an evacuation procedure.
            • Nothing happens.
    2. Leave them to their work.
      • Nothing happens


This event is called "TERRAFORMING_SCAN" in the datafiles.