Fires are hazards that appear on ships when they're hit by a solar flare, when a system/subsystem explodes instead of simply going offline, or when hit by a weapon. Fires do damage to crew members, systems, and subsystems in the occupied square. Fires will slowly destroy systems and spread to any adjacent square if left unattended for too long. All weapons that can do hull damage have a small chance of causing a fire with the exception of Burst Laser III, but some weapons and drones have an increased chance to cause a fire, like the Fire Beam or Anti-Ship Fire Drone. The more fires in a room, the faster the system will be damaged (if there is one), the faster oxygen will be drained from the room, and the faster crew will take damage (with the exception of Rockmen, which are immune).

Tips on how to deal with fires:

  • Send crew members in to extinguish the flames. The rate crew members extinguish is equal to their repair skill. They will NOT raise this repair skill level once the flames are put out. Rockmen are immune to fire, Engi repair at twice the speed, and Crystal have a little extra health to deal with the flames. Lanius can be used in conjunction with venting a room, but they will still take damage from fires.
  • Open the doors and an airlock (door on the outside of the ship) connecting to the room to get rid of the oxygen. In addition, upgraded doors slow the spread of fire from room to room.
  • Repair drones, when receiving power, will automatically head towards a room on fire to put out the flames. Repair drones take no damage from fires.
  • Fire Suppression (Advanced Edition Content) automatically puts out fires on board the ship.

Enemy AI behaves accordingly around fires. Weakened crew members will flee and head for a Medbay while the sturdy forces move in to assist. If fires overwhelm a room, many crew members abandon their posts and attempt to extinguish the flames. While ssome enemy ships do not have a Door System, enemy ships with this system do not use it to vent oxygen. If a 2x2 room is completely filled with fire (all four tiles have a flame on them), the enemies will all retreat out of the room (even rockmen, despite being immune to damage) until the fire burns itself out. It is possible to prevent fire from damaging your hull from completely destroying a system by launching a Small Bomb at the burning room when the flame is about to do so, but this is very impractical.

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