ArtilleryBeamCircle The Flak Artillery is a main system which is unique to the Fregatidae Federation Cruiser that occupies a main room and cannot be manned. It fires an automatic flak burst (7 shots) and does one damage per shot that hits. It can be upgraded to reduce firing interval.  This weapon is incredibly deadly at higher levels and can be used to good effect against the Rebel Flagship.

The flak burst is equal in power to that of the Flak Gun II, but the area seems to be the entire enemy ship

As a system independent from your primary weapons, the Flak Artillery is unaffected by the Weapon Pre-Igniter augment. An enemy hack will stop the charge, but will not drain the current charge.

Rank Cost

Cooldown (seconds)

1 - 50
2 30 Ftlgame-scrap 40
3 50 Ftlgame-scrap 30
4 80 Ftlgame-scrap 20
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