This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Civilian Sector
  2. Pirate Controlled Sector
  3. Slug Controlled Nebula
  4. Slug Home Nebula
  5. Zoltan Controlled Sector
  6. Zoltan Homeworlds
  7. Abandoned Sector
  8. Rock Controlled Sector
  9. Rock Homeworlds
    Can also occur at an exit beacon and as a filler event in any sector. The Long-Range Scanners will say Map icon triangle yellow "Possible Ship Detected".

You recognize the ship as a well known slave trader. He hails you and offers you "laborers" for cheap.

  1. Buy one slave and free them to join your crew.
  2. Attack the slaver scum.
  3. Ignore the slaver and continue on your way.
    • Nothing happens.
  4. (Teleporter) Use your teleporter to attempt to board the ship and release some of the slaves. (Requires level 2 Teleporter)
    • You beam a small team into their holds. They work quickly to free the slaves and teleport back to your ship. One of the captives seems fit for battle and you throw them a weapon in preparation for a fight.
    • You teleport an away team into their hold to attempt to free their prisoners. They are able to get to one person before being caught and forced into a corner by the crew. You quickly beam the team and prisoner back to your ship.
    • You beam a team onto their ship. However, your estimations of the location of their prisoners was off. By the time they get their bearings the slavers spot them. You beam them back to the ship and prepare for a fight.

Slaver FightEdit

  • (When the ship surrenders) We surrender! Take one of our slaves as tribute; if you destroy us they'll all die anyway!
    1. Accept their offer.
    2. Surrender is not an option.
      • Continue to fight.
  • (After killing enemy crew)
    • You find a number of slaves in the cargo hold. They look at you questioningly and one asks if they're to be released. You could use more crew but you don't want to force them all to work for you instead...
      1. Demand the Mantis joins your crew but release the rest.
        • The Mantis seems fine with the orders, saying "I'm on board if it means we kill some rebels!" You drop the rest off at a nearby station.
      2. Demand the Rockman joins your crew but release the rest.
        • The Rockman remains silent and you worry there might be trouble. However when you ask him to perform a task he acts without complaint. Perhaps he won't be a problem.
      3. Demand the Engi joins your crew but release the rest.
        • "Verify primary object is to defeat rebels, re-establish peace?" You nod and it responds, "Acceptable." You drop the rest off at a nearby station and strip the ship.
    • It appears the slaves did not survive the fighting. You find their burnt bodies in the hold, but before you strip the ship you hear faint noises in the walls. You break off a latch and a slave falls out of a hidden compartment, coughing. Once recomposed the slave offers to join your crew.
    • You scan the ship and detect no life signs. It appears the slaves died in the fight. You strip the ship and prepare to jump.
  • (After destroying enemy ship) The slave ship is destroyed. They won't continue their evil trade, but many lives were probably lost on that ship.


This event is called "FRIENDLY_SLAVER" in the datafiles.

Teleporting aboard and rescuing some of the prisoners does not hurt your ability to get a crew member during or after the fight, meaning you can get more than 1 crew member in this event.