This is a Random Event. Occurs when you are out of Fuel with your distress beacon OFF.

The text for this event varies, and could be any of the following:

  • No ship is in scanning range and no one arrives at the beacon.
  • Your waiting yields nothing while the fleet surely gets closer...
  • A freighter suddenly arrives nearby. They are so close you can almost wave at them, but your hails are ignored and the ship quickly jumps away.
  • Small traffic passes within a short distance of you, but no one responds to your hails.
  • The only ship within hailing range appears to be a civilian vessel. However, it quickly leaves once it picks up your signal.
  • As you wait, a small asteroid storm pelts softly against your shields and hull.
  • You begin to wonder if turning on the beacon would be worth the risk of detection. The fleet slowly approaches.
  • You contemplate the vastness of space.
  • The prolonged wait in empty space is causing tension among the crew. Still no contact.
  • Cabin fever begins to spread among your crew.
  • Long range scanners detect a small settlement, but they refuse all contact.
    • Nothing happens.


This event is called "FUEL_NOTHING" in the datafiles. See Fuel wait fail (Distress) for the one occurring when you turn your distress beacon on.

This event has a 36.4% chance of occurring when you wait at a beacon with your distress beacon off.

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