The Galactic Federation is a small and weakened faction in the FTL universe. It consists mainly of humans, but some Engi, Rockmen, Mantis, Slugs, Zoltan, and later on even Lanius and Crystals are known to be members. The Engi are its strongest supporters, even covertly aiding the Federation despite a non-aggression pact with the rebellion. Of the alien races, the Mantis are the most hostile towards it, given a bloody history of war between them.

Though it is implied that the Galactic Federation was once a powerful peacekeeping force, the civil war with the Rebellion severely crippled the Federation. By the beginning of the game, the Federation has withdrawn most of its forces to a single sector. Federation ships can be found scattered throughout the galaxy but are few and far between. 

Known Conflicts (Chronological Order)[edit | edit source]

  • Federation-Mantis War. Some Mantis will attack any human because of this war. Human parents still tell their children horror stories about Mantis ships coming to Earth. There are still many weapons caches lying about from the war.
  • Federation Civil War. Current conflict. Federation reduced to a few dozen fleets and on the verge of defeat. Rebels have both military and diplomatic superiority. Despite a non-aggression pact with the Rebellion, the Engi are covertly building a Stealth Cruiser for the Federation.

Galactic Federation Members[edit | edit source]

  • General Turzil (Engi)
  • Admiral Tully (Human)
  • Captain (Protagonist, unknown race, unknown gender.)
  • Unnamed Federation soldiers.

Known Galactic Federation ships[edit | edit source]

Possible Galactic Federation Ships[edit | edit source]

  • Federation Fighter (This might be the bomber, or it might be a different craft, reference from a Last Stand event that gave no rewards or anything else interesting.)
  • Federation Dreadnought (There is encounter in Federation controlled beacon in sector 8 saying that Dreadnought class Federation ships are evacuating civilians.)
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