A Game Over occurs if you are destroyed or defeated. There are three ways you can lose the game:

  • Your ship loses all its hull points, causing it to explode.
  • All of your crew members perish.
  • The Rebel Flagship makes it to the Federation Base and stays there for three turns.

Ship DestructionEdit

Gameover explode
One last explosion marks your fate as your ship is torn apart.

This is one of the most common ways your game can end prematurely. Basically, your ship takes so much damage it explodes.

Remember to repair your ship often, and keep your engines working to dodge attacks. If you have a Drone System and a Hull Repair Drone, you can repair your ship after a tough fight.

Crew DeathEdit

Gameover crewdeath
All crew members have died. Your ship will continue to drift for eternity, or until looters destroy it.

This is one other way you can lose the game. Basically, all your crew members die.

There are several ways your crew can die, such as:

  • An enemy crew member kills one of your crew.
  • Your boarders die along with the ship you just destroyed.
  • The enemy ship FTLs away with your crew still inside.
  • A fire burns your crew to death. Rockmen are immune to this.
  • Your crew suffocate due to lack of oxygen. Lanius are immune to this.
  • Your crew die from the recoil of an enemy Zoltan's death explosion.
  • Ship weapons fire kill crew located in the room where the shots hit.
  • Your crew are killed during the course of a random event. Usually preventable by having a Clone Bay installed.

Rebel VictoryEdit

Gameover rebelvictory
The Rebel Flagship is within range of the Federation Base. All is lost, they've won.

This ending is the result of letting the Rebel Flagship reach the Federation Base and stay there for three turns.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a special death message for dying during the tutorial.
Death message
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