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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Civilian Sector
  2. Engi Controlled Sector
  3. Engi Homeworlds
  4. Pirate Controlled Sector
  5. Mantis Controlled Sector
  6. Mantis Homeworlds
  7. Rock Controlled Sector
  8. Rock Homeworlds
  9. Uncharted Nebula
    at a distress beacon.

You find a number of ships fleeing from a small space station. You hail them, asking what's wrong: "Help! We're being overrun by some sort of giant alien spiders!"

  1. Send the crew to help immediately! Giant alien spiders are no joke.
    • Your crew boards the station, cautiously moving between corridors. Suddenly a man-sized arachnid bursts from a vent in the ceiling, followed by countless more. You fight your way back to the airlock and are forced to leave before accounting for all crew members. Not everybody made it back.
      • You lose 1 random crew member.
        • (If a Clone Bay is installed) You take a hopeful trip to the Clone Bay, and to your relief a clone is already prepared for the lost crewmember.
          • Your dead crewman is replaced in the clone bay with some skill loss.
    • Your crew slowly creeps up on a cluster of the creatures from behind. Without warning, the giant arachnids turn and charge. However, your team stays in control and before long you've beaten them back.
      1. Contact the station owners.
  2. Leave them alone.
    • You can't risk fighting some unknown alien on every backwater station you come across. You prepare to jump.
      • Nothing happens.
  3. (Anti-Personnel Drone) Send your battle drone in to help. [ Drone parts: -1 ]
    • You pull up alongside the station and release the drone through the airlock. Within a short time the majority of the creatures are dead, with only a little collateral damage. They express their most sincere gratitude.
  4. (Boarding Drone) Launch a boarding drone into the station. [ Drone parts: -1 ]
    • You launch the drone and it crashes through their hull, leaving a huge breach. You watch as the drone tears through the creatures while debris and dead bodies fly out of the breach. The owners of the station are less than effusive when they thank you, and offer only a meager payment. Maybe it's a good time to leave...
  5. (Bio-Beam) Use the beam to pick off the spiders.
    • You instruct them to drop their shields and you are able to kill the creatures without damaging the station. "The monsters just started bursting into flame as we watched. What a terrifying weapon... Here, take this for your help, friend."


This event is called "DISTRESS_INFESTATION" in the datafiles.

Due to the lower success rate and loss of a crew member, this event became infamous among FTL: Faster Than Light community.

The line "Giant alien spiders are no joke" became a minor meme among the community as well due to how comedic it sounds.