FTL: Faster Than Light - iPad EditionEdit


FTL icon on the iPad Home Screen.

  • App Store Page:
    • Price: $9.99/£6.99
  • Release Date: April 3rd, 2014
  • Playable On: iPad Generation 2, iPad with Retina, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Mini with Retina. It is not compatible with any iPhone or iPod product.
  • There is currently, at the time of writing, no Android tablet version.


  • An exact match of the PC version, except played on a touch screen tablet.
    • This includes all in-game ships, weapons, drones, ect. from the PC version and nothing extra. Also, the new Advanced Edition content is included.
    • The game starts off exactly the same as PC with the Kestrel Crusier and you unlock new ships by winning or completing quests.
    • You can move crew members by tapping on them and then tapping the room you wish to move them to or by dragging your finger over multiple crew members then tapping the room you wish to move all of them to.
    • To allow time to plan, the game will automatically pause when you attempt to perform different actions. This includes selecting crew members and firing weapons. When you tap a crew member the game will pause giving you time to choose where to move the selected crew member(s). Also when you select a weapon from the weapon panel to fire it will pause the game to give you time to select a location on the enemy ship.
      • On top of the auto-pause system, you can manually pause using the button in the bottom right of the screen like PC.
    • Due to the lack of a mouse, descriptions of systems can be accessed by sliding an arrow to the right on the system you want to view the description for. Also, without a right click weapons are powered down by tapping the "Off" button in the weapons panel.

An example of the Weapon Panel (Left side of the screen)

  • All achievements earned in-game are also earned in the Apple Game Center.
    • 50 achievements, 20 points each, for a total of 1000 points.
    • In-game high scores are not saved to Game Center.
  • Due to the game being played on a touch screen, the game can be somewhat cumbersome when the game gets hectic or chaotic since have to move your fingers around the screen a lot to move crew members, fire weapons, and other various ship management actions.
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