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"With the Engi Cruiser, destroy an enemy ship using only drones."

To unlock this achievement, the player cannot fire a shot from any weapon, regardless of whether or not it damages the ship. This includes ion weapons and non-damaging beams, bombs, and missles. However, damage from asteroids and fire will not invalidate earning the achievement.

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  • This achievement is easily unlocked when fighting a weak opponent with no shields, like the unmanned scouts in the first few sectors. Simply activate the Anti-Ship I drone that comes with the default Engi Cruiser. It is much harder to pull off, at least with the standard equipment, when fighting a shielded ship, as the Anti-Ship I drone lacks the firepower to break even a one-layered shield.
  • One can also earn the achievement fairly easily against an opponent with one layer of shields in an asteroid field when combined with an Anti-Ship drone.
  • If a player is patient enough, they could launch a Boarding drone into an automated Rebel Scout and wait for it to destroy the ship's systems enough times, as each time a system is destroyed it deals one point of damage to the hull.