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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Slug Controlled Nebula
  2. Slug Home Nebula
    Can also occur at an exit beacon and as a filler event in any sector.

Scanners are showing intelligent life forms on a nearby planet. No match for them can be found in the database.

  1. Investigate.
    • You land a small shuttle in an enormous field, whose only occupants are small, brightly colored, six-legged, horse-like animals. Could they be what your scans picked up?
      1. Try to communicate peacefully.
        • None of your attempts to communicate seem to work: they just stare at you silently. As you prepare to leave, one of the creatures canters forward and forcefully nudges you away from the ship. He seems to want you to follow him. Eventually, the creatures guide you to an old Engi ship's crash site. Inside you are able to find and reactivate an Engi!
        • You try to communicate in every possible way you can but they just stand there, silently judging you with their large, expressionless eyes. You prepare to leave.
          • Nothing happens.
      2. Bring some of the creatures on board to sell.
        • The seemingly docile creatures quickly turn violent when you reveal your hostile intentions. Their well-organized stampede forces you to draw weapons and make a rushed and shambolic retreat to the shuttle.
          • Nothing happens.
        • The seemingly docile creatures quickly turn violent when you show your hostile intentions. They stampede with terrifying force, trampling one of your crew before you have time to react. You fight your way back to the shuttle and prepare to jump.
          • You lose 1 random crew member.
            • Clone Bay: The trampled crewmate's clone is already ready when you get back to your ship.
      3. Leave.
        • This isn't the time for exobiology. You head back to the ship.
      4. (Slug Crew) Attempt to communicate telepathically.
        • After a moment, your crew tells you that these are simple beings, who enjoy a peaceful life. However, this isn't the first time a ship has landed here. They inform you of a nearby crash site.
          • You follow their directions and discover an ancient Engi ship. You find a deactivated Engi inside and reroute power from your shuttle to resuscitate it. After a while it reboots, rebuilds itself, and offers to join your crew.
  2. Ignore it.
    • You ignore the readings and prepare to move on.
      • Nothing happens.


  • This is a donor event.
  • This event is called DONOR_PONY in the data.dat file.