This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Abandoned Sector
    at a distress beacon.

The Mantis ship in this system looks like its distress beacon is malfunctioning... likely due to the Lanius ship mining their hull and sub-systems! It doesn't look like the Mantis ship will last much longer.

  1. Attack the Lanius ship.
    • The Lanius haven't noticed you yet - but they will. Launching into the fray, you target the Lanius vessel!
      • Fight a Lanius ship.
  2. Leave the Mantis to their fate.
    • The Mantis ship is quickly overcome by the Lanius vessel, and you move away as the Lanius feed on the remains.
      • Nothing happens.

Contact the MantisEdit

  • The Mantis hiss and click, angry at being saved, and angry at themselves for needing to be saved. They part ways with some scrap metal that is no longer attached to their hull and a few missiles they can no longer use.
  • The Mantis ship sustained too much damage - there are no survivors. You gather what resources you can from the wreckage.


This event is called "LANIUS_MANTIS_DISTRESS" in the datafiles.

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