Note: This event is in the game code but not available in-game as it is not included in any of the event lists.

This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Mantis Controlled Sector
  2. Mantis Homeworlds

You come across an Engi wreck with one life-sign aboard; it turns out to be the sole survivor of the Mantis boarding party that wiped out the ship's crew. He's in no state to fight and he's brought aboard.

  1. Release him.
    • You help get the Engi ship up and running but take some of their supplies. He takes off without another word.
    • He takes your mercy as a sign of weakness and rigs up a small timed explosive before making off in the Engi vessel.
      • You receive 3 hull damage and 1 damage with a fire to a random system.
  2. Kill him.
    • The Mantis commando shows no fear as the airlock's inner doors are sealed and space prepares to take him. You press the switch and then he's gone, whisked out into the great black.
    • You strip the Engi ship before preparing to deal with the Mantis. However, the commando immediately realizes your intentions and attacks!
  3. (Mantis Crew) Interrogate him.
    • It's not clear what occurs between the two Mantis behind the locked door, but when they emerge the commando is prepared to provide telemetry on the local sector. He then leaves on the Engi ship. Your map has been updated.
      • Your map is revealed.
    • After a short time alone with the commando, you are told he wishes to join the crew. Although you are surprised at the commandos willingness to swap allegiances, you trust your crewmembers' judgement about him.
  4. (Mind Control) Interrogate him.
    • Your mind control device allows you to quickly get his story without resistance. It appears the boarding party was attempting to steal an weapon that the Engi ship was transporting. However their team was wiped out by drones.
      • You find the weapon in a hidden storage hold and decide to patch the ship up enough to let the mantis leave.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This event is called "MANTIS_CAPTURE_COMMANDO" in the datafiles.

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