This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Mantis Controlled Sector
  2. Mantis Homeworlds

You are immediately hailed by an impressive-looking Mantis ship, "Your ship would make a mighty fine prize. Prepare for battle!"

  • Fight a Mantis Fighter.
    • (When the ship wants to escape) You pick up more chatter from the enemy ship, "You know what... Forget this. Prepare for retreat!" Looks like they're preparing to make a hasty get away!
      • The ship will jump away in 5 seconds, unless you prevent it.
    • (After the ship successfully escaped) The ship made an emergency FTL jump, but it looks like they didn't mask their signatures. You could easily follow them if you want.
      1. After them!
        • You input their coordinates into your map and prepare to follow.
      2. Forget it.
        • They're not worth the trouble. You prepare to leave.
          • Nothing happens.
    • (After destroying enemy ship) Their ship breaks apart and you move in to scrap the remains.
    • (After killing enemy crew) With no more crew on board you are free to salvage what you can from the remains.

Quest MarkerEdit

You catch up with the Mantis ship that escaped before, only to see them transferring their crew into an even bigger ship!

  • "Not YOU again! Do you know how much these repairs are going to cost me? Time to take out the big guns."
    • Fight a Mantis Bomber.
      • (When the ship wants to escape) They appear to be trying to get away again. You doubt they'll forget to mask their jump signature this time.
        • The ship will jump away in 12 seconds, unless you prevent it.
      • (After the ship successfully escaped) Looks like they got away. At least you're able to scrap their abandoned fighter.
      • (When the ship surrenders) "Look, you proved your point. We don't want to die... Take this and let us go. Please?"
        1. Let them live.
          • "Thank you. But do you have any idea how much repairing TWO ships will set us back?..." What an odd Mantis. You prepare to leave.
        2. Finish them off.
          • "No! Hurry up, get us out of here! They're crazy!" You cut transmissions.
            • The fight continues.
      • (After destroying enemy ship) Their ship breaks apart and you salvage the two ships.
      • (After killing enemy crew) You find an intact weapon on their now empty ship. You take as much scrap from the ships as possible.


This is a donor event called DONOR_MANTIS_CHASE in the datafiles.

This is the only event where the enemy ship can suddenly jump away in mere seconds. Boarding the Mantis Fighter is therefore not recommended.

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