This is a Random Event.

Occurs in:

  1. Slug Controlled Nebula
  2. Slug Home Nebula

This event is occurs at a distress beacon.

The distress call appears to be emanating from a Slug ship caught in open space by a Mantis raider. They contact you on emergency frequencies: "Please, we'll give you all we have if you sssave ussss!"

  1. Attack the Mantis ship.
    • You lock onto the Mantis ship and engage.
      • Fight a Mantis ship
        • (After destroying enemy ship or killing enemy crew) The Mantis defeated, you contact the weakened Slug vessel. "You ssseee," they begin, "we are are most grateful, but, that is, we do not currently have the liquid asssets to reward you at this time."
          • You receive a medium amount of scrap and resources.
            1. Leave them be.
              • These wretches aren't worth fighting. Time to spin up and jump off.
                • Nothing happens.
            2. Finish them off.
              • The Slug captain hails you: "A misstake! A sssimple misstake. Of course we can pay you! Ssseee? An augmentation has already transported." You allow them to leave with their lives.
              • It doesn't look like they can stand much more damage. After a few shots their ship breaks apart and you move in to loot the remains.
  2. Attack the Slug ship.
    • You move to finish what the Mantis have started.
      1. Fight a Slug ship.
        • (After destroying enemy ship or killing enemy crew) At last the Slugs' prized possessions are yours for the taking. After, that is, you split your takings with the Mantis.
  3. Of all the species in the galaxy, these two deserve one another. You power up the jump drive.
    • Nothing happens.


This event is called "SLUG_DISTRESS_MANTIS" in the datafiles.

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