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MedbayCircle Heals all crew-members within the Medbay room. Upgrading increases healing speed.


  • Heals friendly crewmembers standing inside or moving through the room.
    • Any amount of crew can be healed through over-filling the Medbay by ordering additional crew to walk back and forth across the room. (exceptions: Stealth Cruiser Layout B can fit only 2 standing crew or 4 crew by over-filling; Rock Cruiser Layout C Clone Bay room can fit only 1 standing crew)
    • Player ships can have 2 or 3 standing spots in a Medbay. Enemy ships can have up to 4 standing spots in a Medbay.
    • Your mind-controlled crew won't be healed, but a mind-controlled enemy can get healed.
  • Engi Med-bot Dispersal augmentation allows healing outside of the Medbay at 25% speed rate of level 1 Medbay. This requires the Medbay to be powered and the healing effect is limited to your ship's interior.
  • Lv 1 Medbay healing speed is equal to suffocation rate.
  • Upgraded Medbay:
    • Increases healing speed, thus allowing replenishing health in the airless Medbay room.
    • Won't increase Engi Med-bot Dispersal augmentation healing effect.
    • Can be used as a blue option in some events.
  • Medbay and Hacking:
    • Level-2 hack on a Medbay damages crew for 90 HP. Level-3 hack on a Medbay can kill crew of any race, except for full-health Rockmen.
    • The crew damaging effect of an actively hacked Medbay persists even if the Medbay system gets destroyed during the hacking pulse duration.
    • Trapped enemies will immediately try to escape the actively hacked Medbay.
  • With Advanced Edition Content enabled, the Clone Bay is an alternative medical system. Buying a medical system replaces your existing one, but you keep any upgrades.

System Upgrades[]

Level Cost Healing effect Notes
1 50 Ftlgame-scrap 6.4 HP/sec The healing rate is equal to the suffocation rate
2 35 Ftlgame-scrap 9.6 HP/sec Crew can heal in an airless Medbay
3 45 Ftlgame-scrap 19.2 HP/sec A single crewmember can fight off several boarders