MedbayCircle Heals all crew-members within the Medbay room. Upgrading increases healing speed.

Heals all crew members inside the Medbay. Medbay's level does not affect the Engi Med-bot Dispersal augmentation, which will always heal at a fixed rate, provided your Medbay has at least 1 power invested in it.

The medbay heals only your crew, not boarders, so fighting inside your medbay is very advantageous. Boarders can be herded into it by selectively venting other areas, since they will flee rooms without oxygen. Notably, if your own crew are mind-controlled while in the medbay, they will be treated the same as an enemy boarder, and won't receive healing.

In Advanced Edition, the Lanius Cruiser and all C layouts use a Clone Bay system, rather than a Medbay, which tends to focus more on reviving than healing. However, many stores offer the option to toggle from one to the other, for a price.

If the medbay is full and additional crew need urgently healing, the room can be over-filled by walking the additional crew back and forth across the otherwise full room. To minimize effort, the slowest crew should be used to walk back and forth.

A level-2 hacked medbay can kill all crew trapped inside (except a full-health rockmen?). When used against the enemy, trapped crew will immediately try and flee the medbay, so ensure the door isn't broken.

Blue options

Having an improved or advanced medbay adds a blue option to several random events. Most of these events are linked to disease or ill health and allow the survival of existing crew or rescued people. The Random events these blue options are present in are listed here.

Basic Edit

Healing boost: 1x

The healing rate is equal to the suffocation rate, 6.67 hitpoints per second.

Improved Edit

Healing boost: 1.5x

Opens more dialog options in random event:

  1. You locate the source of the distress call, a nearby human mining colony
  2. Legendary thief KazaaakplethKilik Random Event

Advanced Edit

Healing boost: 3x

Strong enough for one crew member to fight off several boarders single-handedly. Also strong enough to heal the crew when there is no oxygen.

Opens more dialog options in random event:

  1. You arrive at a Zoltan research facility

Med Bay Upgrades
Level Cost HP/sec Boost
1 50 Ftlgame-scrap 6.67 1x
2 35 Ftlgame-scrap 10 1.5x
3 60 Ftlgame-scrap 20 3x
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