FTL: Faster Than Light Wiki

This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Engi Controlled Sector
  2. Engi Homeworlds
  3. Abandoned Sector
  4. Slug Controlled Nebula
  5. Slug Home Nebula
    Can also occur at an exit beacon and as a filler event in any sector. The Long-Range Scanners will detect The unvisited beacon icon no ship presence.

A small platform orbits near this beacon - it looks like a fueling station of some sort, and it is cheerily broadcasting reasonable prices in a spectrum of frequencies and languages.

  1. Dock with the refueling platform.
    • The platform makes an offer.
      1. Accept it.
        • Buy 5 fuel for 5-10 scrap.
      2. Reject it.
        • Nothing happens.
    • The automated platform seems to be damaged. You can likely steal as much fuel as remains.
      1. Steal it.
        • If you take the fuel at least it won't come into the hands of of the Rebels. You breach the containment and access what remains of the fuel reserves.
      2. War doesn't justify abandoning one's values. You leave it alone.
        • Nothing happens.
    • The platform seems to be malfunctioning and could ignite at any moment.
      1. Quickly dock and refuel.
        • You're able to safely refuel and get clear before the station explodes.
        • Just as you hook up to refuel, the station ignites and explodes. Your own fuel reserve ignites, losing you precious fuel and damaging your ship.
      2. Give the station a wide berth and carry on.
        • You pull away from the station. After a short time a few silent explosions cause the depressurized tanks to implode.
          • Nothing happens.
    • You dock and signal the fuel station's staff to begin refueling.
      1. Wait for them to finish.
        • As you dock with the refueling platform, there is an explosion from your engine room! Warning lights flash in your ship as pirates from the station swarm aboard your vessel!
      2. (Blast Doors) Seal your blast doors, one can never be too careful when docked. (Requires level 2 Door System)
        • Pirates hidden on the station are confounded by your security locks, turning an attempted ambush into a fish-in-a-barrel firefight. You take control of the station and take its fuel reserves.
    • The refueling station welcomes you into one of its berths, and as you hail them, there is an explosion from your engine room! While assessing the damage, you detect a Pirate Ship closing fast!
  2. Ignore the refueling platform.
    • Nothing happens.
    • As you prepare to leave the system, a Pirate ship suddenly appears on scanners - it looks like it was attempting to use the platform as bait!


This event is called "FUELING_STATION" in the datafiles.