This is a Random Event.

Occurs in:

  1. Abandoned Sector

You have picked up a Lanius vessel drifting in this sector. There is no damage to the hull, and it appears to be powered down.

  1. Scan the ship for lifeforms.
    • As you scan the vessel, the scan frequencies awaken the Lanius from hibernation - and they're hungry for raw materials!
  2. Power weapons to attack.
    • You power up your weapons, and in response, the Lanius ship does the same! Prepare for a fight.
    • You power up your weapons, but don't get a response.
      1. Investigate the vessel.
      2. Destroy and scrap it.
        • As soon as you lock your weapons onto their vessel, it awakens... they must have been in hibernation and were awoken by the danger!
  3. Investigate the vessel.

Investigate the vessel[edit | edit source]

The vessel appears to be dormant. It is likely there are Lanius on board, but they may be in hibernation until the ship comes within range of new materials.

  1. Ignore the vessel.
    • Nothing happens.
  2. Navigate carefully around the ship and strip what materials from the hull you can.
    • As you drift toward the vessel, your piloting skill is unable to match your intent - the Lanius ship powers up, hungry for raw materials!
    • You clumsily manage to strip some hull plating before being forced to retreat or risk collision.
      • You receive a low amount of scrap.
  3. (Lanius Crew) Send over a Lanius crewmember to plunder the ship of resources.
    • Your crewmember manages to salvage some resources without waking the hibernating crew.
  4. (Advanced Piloting) Engage the autopilot to strip the ship safely. (Requires level 2 Piloting)
    • The computer matches the rotation and speed of the target ship, and you take the opportunity to gather what residual scrap you can without awakening the Lanius crew. You get an excellent haul!

Fight the Lanius ship[edit | edit source]

  • (After destroying enemy ship)
    • 3x: The ship explodes, leaving behind a collection of useful scrap material.
    • The ship explodes, revealing their cargo of unprocessed metal. You collect a significant amount of scrap.
  • (After killing enemy crew)
    • 3x: There are no more life-signs remaining on the ship. You strip it of useful materials.
    • 2x: There are no more life-signs remaining on the ship. You strip it of useful materials.
    • With the Lanius dispatched you are able to take the fuel out of storage. You also take all the scrap you can manage.
    • Now that the Lanius ship has been emptied of hostiles, you search it. Eventually you find a prisoner who offers to join your crew.
    • You find a drone schematic on their ship. With no crew to stop you, you can install it on your own.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This event is called LANIUS_DORMANT_EVENT in the data.dat file.
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