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This is a Random Event. Occurs when you are out of Fuel with your distress beacon ON or OFF.

A ship approaches. They hail you saying, "You need some fuel? We'll prepare to dock to help."

  1. Graciously accept their offer.
    • They pull close to your ship and unload some fuel saying, "Try not to run out of fuel again. These are dangerous times; who knows who could have showed up."
      • You receive 2-6 fuel.
    • They approach and dock with your ship. On board they present an offer.'
      1. Gladly Trade.
      2. Respectfully Decline.
        • They respond: "Seeing that you're in need, is this trade acceptable?"
          1. Accept the offer.
          2. Decline again.
            • They take pity on you and offer you some fuel free of charge.
              • You receive 1-6 fuel.
            • They end the discussion and prepare to jump away.
              • Nothing happens.
        • "I'm not doing this for charity, you know," says their captain. "This is the only other way I'll part with my fuel."
          1. Accept the offer.
          2. Decline again.
            • Their captain disconnects from the channel and without another word their ship prepares to jumps away.
              • Nothing happens.
        • Before they jump away, their captain says, "I'm sorry, but we are unable to help in any other way."
          • Nothing happens.
    • As their ship pulls up next to yours, their captain continues, "Yes, we'll certainly help... Help to relieve you of that nice ship!" Sensors detect a hidden teleporter has been activated. We've been boarded!
    • As they approach, you detect their weapons powering up. It seems their intentions are hostile!
  2. Request they keep their distance.
    • "I assure you that we mean no harm. See, we'll send some fuel over on a transport." A small ship docks and offloads some fuel just as they said. They leave, saying, "Stay cautious, friend."
      • You receive 1-4 fuel.
    • "No one trusts anyone these days..." The ship jumps away.
      • Nothing happens.
    • They reply,"Keep our distance? Let's see if you can stop us!" They power up their weapons and advance.
  3. (Advanced Sensors) Run a detailed scan with your sensors before responding. (Requires level 3 Sensors)
  4. (Long-Ranged Scanners) Run a detailed scan before responding.

Scan the ship[]

  • Sensors indicate their ship is without military-grade weaponry, even small arms. You allow them to dock and they give you some fuel saying, "I remember a time when we didn't have to be so paranoid about each others' intentions... Stay safe."
    • You receive 3-7 fuel.
  • Sensors are picking up armed crew and considerably more weaponry than is legal for a craft of this size. This is surely a trap.
    1. Power up weapons and prepare for a fight.
    2. (Cloaking) Cloak and get out of scanning range before they have a chance to lock on.
      • Your highly advanced cloaking system allows you to get out of range easily since they were still out of firing range. Eventually the ship jumps away.
        • Nothing happens.


This event is called "FUEL_APPROACH" in the datafiles.