Ancient ancestors of the Rockmen.

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Descended from a splinter group of Rockmen who rejected their species' violent ways long ago, the Crystalmen are almost completely unknown in the galaxy, having hidden from all other sentient life. They can be encountered as starting crew on the Crystal Cruisers, in Tektite (the 3rd layout of the rock ship), in the Dense Asteroid Field Distress Call event, or within the crystal sector itself (they are at shops to recruit/found as prisoners/etc). Acquiring a Crystal crew member from the aforementioned event allows the Crystal Cruiser quest.

Crystal cost 60 Ftlgame-scrap to hire from Stores and can only be purchased in the Hidden Crystal Worlds.

Special characteristicsEdit

  • Lockdown power (activate in crew box)
  • Half suffocation damage
  • Health is increased to 125
  • Movement speed reduced by 20%

Lockdown: Active ability that coats the room they're in with crystals, preventing anyone from entering or leaving. The crystals wear off over time. Lockdown lasts 12 seconds and requires 50 seconds to recharge (i.e. 38 seconds downtime). Enemies attempt to break through the crystal barrier, but in practice this makes no difference to the Lockdown time.

Potential strategies to use Lockdown could be during a boarding attack by locking down your most precious system room or during boarding enemy ships by locking down a room so your crew can destroy the system in it uninterrupted. One particular example would be locking down the Medbay on an enemy ship, so it can be destroyed before any crew members are able to reach it, making it much easier to board and kill the crew of a ship that has one. With multiple crystal crew, or few enemy crew, it is possible to trap injured enemies so that they can't reach the medbay anyway.

The crystal race was created for a donor that contributed 2,000 USD to FTL's Kickstarter campaign.

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