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The 'Rockmen' of Vrachos IV are rarely seen and are known for their fortitude.

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The Rockmen, as they have been nicknamed by humans, are called so because of their unique skin, which, according to scientific experiments, can be nearly as hard and rugged as solid rock. Additionally, the Rockmen are extremely well-conditioned and physically strong to compensate for their thick rock-like skin, giving them an astounding resilience. As a result of their physical attributes, the Rockmen have evolved throughout their race's existence into a warrior race which values personal strength and martial prowess over nearly everything else. While the Rockmen are generally not an adventurous race, and can only be consistently located within their own territories' borders, the Rockmen are liable to open fire on any ship they encounter that they aren't familiar with. Still, there are always exceptions to the rule, and having Rockmen crew can be very beneficial. Also, from random occurrences, some Rockmen seem to be quite religious.

Rockmen cost 55 Ftlgame-scrap.png to hire from Stores.

Special Abilities[]

+ Immune to fire
+ Health is increased to 150
- Movement speed is halved

Their increased health make them useful as both defense and Boarding crew, as they can outlast any other race in one on one combat, except for the Mantis, unless they are experienced combatants. Their extra health is also great for fixing hull breaches since they take longer to suffocate. Their immunity to fire obviously makes them perfect for putting out fires, and Rockmen can be devastating to enemy crew when boarding enemy ships in conjunction with fire weapons. However, their poor speed makes it hard for them to respond quickly in urgent situations.

Blue Options[]


  • The Rockmen are the only alien race whose homeworld is canonically mentioned by name.
  • Ariadne is a female Rockman that can be found as a pilot in Subset's 2018 game, Into the Breach. This is the same character from the Rock Bride Transport event.
  • The Rockmen are described as xenophobic, though are tolerant of the wisdom of the Zoltan. A store in Rock Space is established in an abandoned capital ship by a few Zoltan.