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These telepathic Slugs were shunned in the Galactic Federation for their constant thievery and attempts at manipulation.

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The xenophobic, leisurely Slugs are the third rarest race in the galaxy, behind the mythical Crystal and Lanius. Their home world and all sectors under their control are engulfed in enormous nebulae. They developed on an ocean planet which lead to them evolving unique telepathic abilities in order to overcome the general lack of visibility. As a result, Slug ships aren't built with sensors; the telepathic powers of the crew are just as effective, if not more so, than any electronic system. This leaves them at a distinct disadvantage outside nebulae however, so that even within their sectors they are almost never seen outside the concealing clouds. While not as aggressive as the Rockmen or the Mantis, Slugs are both greedy and deceitful. They prey upon ships that wander into their home systems, often leading them into traps, as well as resort to piracy in other systems.

Slugs cost 45 Ftlgame-scrap.png to hire from Stores.

Special Abilities[]

+ Telepathic powers reveal rooms and lifeforms even when sensors are down (or nonexistent).

+ Immune to mind control.

Slugs can see into adjacent rooms connected to the one they're standing in. They can also detect enemy crew members on your ship or theirs.

As of Advanced Edition, Slugs can now detect what type of life form they are sensing and what they are currently doing, whereas before it was just a dot on the screen. It has not been seen to have changed any events - this merely appears to be a change to how you detect enemies during combat.

Blue Options[]