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Random events are initiated by jumping to another system. Every time you jump, or if you have run out of fuel, there is a chance for a battle, interaction with locals of the sector, or for nothing to happen. Quests are started in some of these events. There are also Distress Signals that may come from different systems. Keep your eye out for Blue Options which often lead to more favorable outcomes.

Spoiler warning: The following contains spoilers for the game. Continue at your own risk if you do not mind ruining some fun of the game.

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Complete Events ListEdit

All the random events of the game.

Sector EventsEdit

Events that occur in a specific sector.

Civilian Sector EventsEdit

Engi Controlled Sector EventsEdit

Engi Homeworlds EventsEdit

Zoltan Controlled Sector EventsEdit

Zoltan Homeworlds EventsEdit

Pirate Controlled Sector EventsEdit

Rebel Controlled Sector EventsEdit

Rebel Stronghold EventsEdit

Mantis Controlled Sector EventsEdit

Mantis Homeworlds EventsEdit

Rock Controlled Sector EventsEdit

Rock Homeworlds EventsEdit

Abandoned Sector EventsEdit

Uncharted Nebula EventsEdit

Slug Controlled Nebula EventsEdit

Slug Home Nebula EventsEdit

Hidden Crystal Worlds EventsEdit

The Last Stand EventsEdit

Global EventsEdit

Events that occur in any sector under certain circumstances.

Filler EventsEdit

Nebula Filler EventsEdit

Exit Beacon EventsEdit

Out of Fuel EventsEdit

Hazard EventsEdit

Events that occur with an environmental hazard present.

Asteroid Field EventsEdit

Red Giant EventsEdit

Pulsar EventsEdit

Nebula EventsEdit

Plasma Storm EventsEdit

Distress EventsEdit

Events that occur at a distress beacon.

Blue Options EventsEdit

Events that involve blue options.

Ship Unlocking EventsEdit

Events that unlock a ship.


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