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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Rebel Controlled Sector
  2. Rebel Stronghold

The intro text for this event varies, and could be any of the following:

  • You receive a message from a nearby Rebel station, "You have a lot of guts passing through our space, I'll give you that." He turns giving an order, "Kill their crew, I want that ship intact."
  • Your sensors warn of an incoming Rebel ship at the same time as you hear the telltale signs of a teleporter. You hear someone taunt from within the ship, "Ready to die? I sure am ready to get a promotion!"
  • Incoming message, "Hello Captain," says a Rebel in an officer's garb. "How very generous of you to turn yourself in. Prepare to be boarded. Come quietly and we may be lenient."
  • You receive a message on a low-band channel. "You're surrounded, just like the last of your Federation friends. Just die already." The enemy has teleported onto your ship!


This event is called "BOARDERS_REBEL_SHIP" in the datafiles.