This is a Random event that takes place when you run out of fuel.

A refugee ship fleeing the Rebel advance enters the system, having picked up your distress beacon. While it doesn't have much fuel to spare, it's hull looks damaged - it is in bad need of scrap and is willing to trade fuel for it.

  1. Trade some scrap for fuel (lose 10 scrap, gain 3 fuel)
  2. (Engi crew) Negotiate a better deal.
    • Your Engi analyzes scans of the extensive damage to their hull, calculating potential repair costs. The refugees grumble and protest, but in the end, they admit that their need for repairs is greater than their fuel surplus and offer a better trade.
      1. Accept it.
      2. Refuse it.
  3. Refuse their offer.
  4. The helpless refugees make easy targets. Attack them.
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