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All resources can be bought in stores for scrap and traded in certain random events.

Resources are frequently rewarded for defeating enemy ships, or accepting bribes or surrenders.

Fuel.png Fuel[]

"Powers your FTL drive. One jump per fuel."

Fuel cells are required to make FTL Jumps. Each jump between beacons costs 1 fuel, including backtracking to previously visited ones.

All ships start with 16 fuel. Fuel costs 3 Ftlgame-scrap.png from stores, or 2 Ftlgame-scrap.png from refuelling station events.

If the player attempts to perform an FTL Jump with no fuel remaining, the Sector Map will spell out "NO FUEL" and will instead offer the option to Wait for one turn, with the Rebels advancing the same distance as they would after a regular FTL Jump. The Rebel advance will be slowed if you are in a nebula (just like a normal nebula jump).

A distress beacon can be activated before waiting. The distress beacon increases the chances of being found by a ship, either hostile or friendly, and therefore increases the chance of obtaining fuel.

When you are out of fuel, all enemy ships will start the fight charging their FTL drives, and will jump away after 90 seconds unless you stop them. There is also an additional anti-stalemate measure: if you prevent them from jumping and then fail to damage them, the fight will eventually end with some free fuel.

No Fuel!

Missiles.png Missiles[]

"Multipurpose ammo for any missile based weapon."

One missile ammunition is consumed when a missile or bomb is fired. You can reduce missile consumption with the Explosive Replicator augment, which provides a 50% chance of not consuming a missile.

Missiles cost 6 Ftlgame-scrap.png from stores.

DroneParts.png Drone Parts[]

"Allows you to deploy drone schematics you've found. Each deployment costs one drone part."

Drone parts are consumed by Drones and Hacking. Drone parts cost 8 Ftlgame-scrap.png from stores

Some drone parts can be recovered after use with the Drone Recovery Arm augment. Boarding drones and hacking probes cannot be recovered, even if the enemy ship is intact. You will recover Hull Repair drones if you jump before they use their last charge (minimum 3, maximum 5).