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Random events can yield rewards in many forms. These rewards come in the form of scrap, fuel, missiles, drone parts, weapons, drones, augmentations and other misc rewards like crew members, hull repairs, delaying the Rebel Fleet, and getting the map revealed - in Advanced Edition, miscellaneous rewards further encompass system/subsystem upgrades, or reactor upgrades.

Scrap rewards increase as you progress into later sectors, and lower difficulties give you more scrap (see Easy scrap, Normal scrap, and Hard scrap).

Reward Types[]

According to the data.dat file there are several types of rewards. Most of these types have available amounts: Low, Medium, High and Random. These amounts, along with other factors, determines how much of the reward you'll earn.

The reward types are listed below:

Scrap and resources[]


  • Less scrap, mostly resources (fuel, missiles or drone parts).


  • Scrap + fuel.


  • Scrap + missiles.


  • Scrap + drone parts.

Scrap only[]

  • Scrap.

Fuel only[]

  • Fuel.

Missiles only[]

  • Missiles.

Drone parts only[]

  • Drone parts.


  • A random weapon and some scrap.



  • A random drone schematic and some scrap.


Default Rewards[]

Most fights in the game yield default rewards. Some event-related fights do too.

Here's the list of default rewards:

Destroying the ship[]

The ship explodes, leaving behind a substantial collection of useful scrap material.

Killing enemy crew[]

  • 3x: There are no more life-signs remaining on the ship. You strip it of useful materials.
  • 2x: There are no more life-signs remaining on the ship. You strip it of useful materials.
  • 2x: With the crew dead, you are able to take the fuel out of storage. You also take all the scrap you can manage.
  • Now that their ship has been emptied of hostiles, you search it. Eventually you find a prisoner who offers to join your crew.
  • You find a weapon system on their ship. With no crew to stop you, you can install it on your own.