This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Uncharted Nebula
    in a Plasma Storm in a Nebula. The Long-Range Scanners will say The "Possible Ship Detected" icon showed by the Long-Range Scanners. "Possible Ship Detected".

A rock armoured transport nearby looks to have lost its bearings, but when you hail they grow suspicious: "Whatever life-form you are, we find you repugnant. We seek no aid. Leave. Now."

  1. Leave.
    • Nothing happens.
  2. Repugnant? Arm the weapons!
  3. (Rock Crew) Offer to lead them out of the nebula
    • The rock grudgingly transfer control of their helm to you and you steer them to a thinner part of the nebula. They're not sure what to think, but transfer over some supplies all the same.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This event is called "NEBULA_ROCK_RACIST" in the datafiles.

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