This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Rock Controlled Sector

A rock captain hails you: "It is improper of me to contact off-worlders, but this is an emergency. We were on our way to deliver our passenger to her new husband - the Grand Basilisk of Numa V - when our engines broke down. Will you take possession of her, and make haste to Numa V?"

  1. Accept the passenger.
    • You surprise me, off-worlder. Thank you. The passenger will be with you momentarily." She refuses to enter the main hold and prefers to wait in the cargo bay.
    • Adds a quest marker to your destination.
  2. Refuse.
    • Arranged marriages aren't on your list of worthy causes. You leave the Rock to their business.


A vast tunnel network near the surface of Numa V indicates an advanced Rock civilization. This must be where you were asked to deliver the passenger.
Realizing arrival is imminent, your passenger - silent so far - pleads with you not to hand her over. She's interrupted by the Grand Basilisk's Chief Aide: "To the alien vessel holding the Basilisk's wife. Deliver her to us. You will be rewarded... well."

  1. Hand her over
    • "May your children erode into dust!" she screams as she's bundled into the waiting shuttle. The Rock guards on board hurriedly drop off an exotic piece of technology and return to the Grand Basilisk.
    • Receive low amount of scrap and random augment
  2. Refuse to comply.
    • I was led to believe your kind did not know mercy. I will join you. But quickly, we must jump away - they will not tolerate..." She's interrupted by weapons fire from the Basilisk's escort!
      • Ariadne or Debbie (Rockman) joins your crew, as battle ensues with a rock vessel.
    • His escort eliminated, the Grand Basilisk dispatches his entire fleet. There's just time to take your pick from the wreck before you jump out of reach.
      • Receive fuel, missiles, scrap (There are some reports that you may receive an augmentation, but most certainly does not happen on every occasion).
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