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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Rock Controlled Sector
  2. Rock Homeworlds

You encounter a small craft with minimal propulsion; its Rock crew-member explains that the Rock home-world is run on lies and propaganda that keep the populace in check, and that they want no part of it.

  1. Tell them their god sent them here to join your crew.
    • They barely hear out your appeals before yelling, "These are the lies I sought to escape!" Looks like they're charging weapons!
    • They listen to your appeals and whisper, "Traitors to truth. You're no better than them!" Chaos ensues.
  2. Promise to share with them the truths they've been denied.
    • Your promises gain their attention and they agree to serve with you, for a while.
    • 2x: They seem tempted by your offer, but decide they can't risk being lied to again. They close frequencies and jump away.
  3. (Improved Sensors) Show them to your data suite. (Requires level 2 Sensors)
    • The Rock captain is impressed by the data you've collected and agrees to stay with you until they find their footing in the galaxy.


This event is called "ROCK_ATHIEST" [sic] in the datafiles.