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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Rock Controlled Sector
  2. Rock Homeworlds

The burnt out hull of a Rock mine layer drifts by. Behind the wreck drifts a live mine; an automated drone that drills into ships' hulls before exploding. It locks onto your ship's signature and heads your way!

  1. Attempt evasive maneuvers.
    • The ship's turning circle proves too wide and the mine bites down onto the hull. You can hear it now, chewing through the armor.
      1. Send someone out there to defuse it.
        • Your crew-member dons a space suit and exits the airlock. They make quick work of the basic device and return inside to relief all round. The mine makes good scrap pickings too.
          • You receive a medium amount of scrap.
        • Your crew-member dons a space suit and exits the airlock. When they open up the mine housing, though, they panic. The red wire or the blue?! 3... 2... 1...
          1. Red!
          2. Blue!
      2. (Missile Weapon) Attempt a controlled detonation using a missile. -- bugged: Hull Missile does not give the blue option
        • After drawing straws, a crew member goes out to fix a modified warhead to the mine. You detonate the missile in a way that dislodges the mine. It blows up shortly after. The ship takes some damage in the blasts, but you're still sailing.
          • Your ship takes 4 hull damage and 1 damage to a random system; you lose 1 missile and receive a low amount of scrap.
      3. (Beam Drone) Use a drone to cut away the mine with a precision beam.
        • Carefully guided from the bridge, your beam drone removes the mine's grappling arms and sends it drifting off into space, where you shoot at it until it detonates at a safe distance.
  2. (Improved Engines) Reverse thrusters! (Requires level 5 Engines)
    • It stresses the inertial dampeners, but you reverse course and outrun the mine. You prepare to jump off.
      • Nothing happens.

Cut the wire[]

  • You open your eyes and everything is still where it was a moment ago. You did it!
    • You receive a medium amount of scrap.
  • The weapon detonates. Everything goes dark, the bridge illuminated by flames pouring from the hull, your bomb disposal volunteer spinning off toward a nearby sun. You put out the fires and prepare to move on.
    • Your ship takes 6 hull damage, 1 damage with a hull breach to a random system, and you lose 1 random crew member.
      • Clone Bay: Fortunately, your crewmember was close enough to the ship for the Clone Bay to revive them. Sheepish and apologetic, they rejoin the crew.


This event is called "ROCK_STARSHIP_MINE" in the datafiles.