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This is a Random Event. Occurs in:

  1. Civilian Sector
  2. Engi Controlled Sector
  3. Engi Homeworlds
  4. Pirate Controlled Sector
  5. Rebel Controlled Sector
  6. Rebel Stronghold
  7. Mantis Controlled Sector
  8. Mantis Homeworlds
  9. Rock Controlled Sector
  10. Rock Homeworlds
  11. Uncharted Nebula
  12. Slug Controlled Nebula
  13. Slug Home Nebula
    Can also occur at an exit beacon.

This is a trading event.

You see a civilian space station with heavy damage. You receive a message, "We've been hit hard by the war. We need more drone parts to speed up our repairs. We'll buy some from you if you have extra."

  1. Sell 3 drone parts for 12 scrap.
  2. Sell 6 drone parts for 24 scrap.
  3. Sell 12 drone parts for 48 scrap.
  4. ​Ignore the station.
    • Nothing happens.


This event is called "SELL_DRONES_STATION" in the datafiles.