Ftl sensors

Before AE; Level 3 sensor display; image needs update

SensorsCircle Reveals the interior of your ship

  • Upgrading reveals information about enemy ships, such as enemy crew and their power distribution
  • Used in some scenarios (Blue Options).
  • Temporarily disabled when in nebula.

Manning the sensor station (available new in the advanced edition) will increase the level by +1

Level Cost Effect
1 40 Ftlgame-scrap See all rooms in your ship.
2 25 Ftlgame-scrap See all rooms in enemy's ship.
3 40 Ftlgame-scrap See enemy weapon charge.
4 - See enemy power usage. Only available when level 3 sensors are manned

Note: The Rebel Flagship negates high-level sensors, only allowing level 2 sensors at maximum. This means you can only observe system power level or weapon charge amount through hacking.

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